Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weather Relief

It's so nice to be back to "normal" summer weather. Not sure what's really the norm around here, but this is more like what we're used to. Highs in the mid-80's, and actually cooling off at night to something below 70! It was so nice this morning to wake up and put sweat pants on, instead of being in shorts and already sweating by the time I have the kids' breakfasts ready.

The kids and I had fun yesterday playing in the sprinkler outside. This was Sawyer's first time with the sprinkler. It could be considered Savannah's first time too. She played in the sprinkler last summer a few times, but we had no yard, so it was out front in our parking spots and it was just turned on high enough to get her feet wet, really. She's kind of funny about water like that... she doesn't like to take showers and she wouldn't even go through the misters that are on at the zoo when it's hot. So anyway, I've been asking her all summer if she wanted to play in the sprinkler since that's so much more convienient than setting up our wading pool or packing up to go over to the Huff's pool.

But she was never interested. I would turn it on and show her how to run thru, or duck under, or splash around, but it was always just me playing by myself. So yesterday I turned it on semi-low and was playing in the water with Sawyer in the grass and Savannah ventured in. I kept sneaking over to turn the water up a little higher and higher. In the end, she was running through, getting soaked, and having a blast. Sawyer loved it too.

He spends most of his time outside pushing the big red car around. Yesterday he figured out how to get behind it and push and walk along with it. The problem is that he loves it so much, he's literally cracking up while he's pushing and keeps falling down because he's laughing so hard!

When Ryan got home in the evening we went back outside and Sawyer pushed the car all the way from the patio to the swingset where Ryan and Savannah were. It took him forever because he was so excited and laughing so hard he would fall down and roll around laughing, get up and push for a few steps, and fall down laughing again! I was so bummed I didn't get any video of it. But here are a few pictures of the kids outside. Sorry they're not great pictures, but my battery was dying and so I was just trying to get a few shots quick.


GrammaG said...

Ahhh the sprinkler. You are never too old or too young!Yeah Savannah !!(She did go in the mister at the zoo at the very END of the day,when no one was watching. maybe she remembered how good that felt. ) Sawyer is just the opposite,he goes for anything and everything!He's too funny!Thanks for the pics. They look good !!!XOX Mom

Nicole said...

oh my goodness I can just picture Sawyer cracking up so hard he falls down. What a silly boy.

I am gonna call you today- I kept meaning to call to see if you wanted to go to Little Ceasers!


Debbie Sanders said...

VERY cute pictures! Love the cute little tummies! Savannah did go in the sprinkler last summer at our house with Aunt Jenn, but most of the time she wanted to pretend she was washing her hands in it! She looks like she is having great fun now in it, getting totally wet!

Love, Gramma Debbie (& Grampa Andy)