Monday, August 28, 2006

#29...almost there!

Of course I can't let the day go by without blogging about the birthday boy. We celebrated today by doing about 5 loads of laundry, throwing sweet potatoes, peas, and chicken all over the kitchen, and taking up the whole living room to line up all of Savannah's stuffed animals (every single one of them) for thier turn at the vet.
Oh, sorry. That was just me and the kids and a normal day around here.
Poor Ryan had to get up at the crack of dawn (one of these days soon, it'll still be dark!) and go back to work today.
But we had a nice dinner last night with the Huffs and the Barczaks for somewhat of a celebration. Not so much a birthday party, but an excuse for me to make a really yummy cake and have other people help eat it up so Ryan and I (mostly I) don't consume the whole thing ourselves!

I made a
super easy and yummy
Oreo cake!
Ryan says it's his new favorite.
Here's the recipe.

So we had great evening with a little BBQ, some games, a little Happy Birthday singing with the cake, and a good time with our friends.

here's Little D and Savannah trying out the new barstools

and Savannah (and Don) helping her Daddy blow out the candles.
all 29 of them.

If I'm feeling motivated enough, Savannah and I may decorate with a few streamers and a balloon or two for when Ryan gets home (Savannah doesn't believe it's a real birthday without that stuff). And I'm sure we'll polish off what's left of the birthday cake tonight while he opens the rest of his gifts. My delightfully talkative daughter already let slip the contents of a present or two. Word to the wise; three-year-olds aren't very good at keeping secrets.

Happy Birthday Ryan.
I'm glad you're catching up to me in years!

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Mom said...

Hello Morrisons!I'm back home and enjoying the cool weather.(At least it wasn't muggy in Vegas,unlike Michigan.We actually got a little rain this morning after more than 30 days with no precipitation.Feels good! Nice job on the cake Heather! Who wouldn't love an oreo that size?? Sounds like Ryan had a good birthday.But finishing off the cake?? It was SUPPOSED to be 16 servings.How many people did you have over?? Just kidding! Love to all.(Becky really misses you guys!)XOX Mom