Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Anniversary

First of all, sorry about last week's second quote. Maybe it was hidden too well or as Heather says it was a bit of a stretch. Anyway the quote was "wrap your lips around" from Kill Bill Vol. 2. And as the two hints suggest, Budd says this as he hands a margarita to Elle. I really liked this line so I guess it stuck in my head a little. I thought that Gabe would have gotten this one due to the fact that he owns this movie.
I had an important anniversary this past week. It has been 11 years since I have had the pleasure of having my hair cut by a professional. My last professional haircut was at 122nd and Sunnyside in some Great Clips or something on August 16, 1995, the day before I left for college. It might just be a coincendence that it was the last one that my parents were going to pay for, but maybe not. Anyway, since then I have had a couple of bad haircuts along my way of learning who should cut my hair (for free) and teaching myself how to cut it. Don Huff and I gave each other many haircuts during college, but since then I have no one to blame but myself. I also tried my hand at hair pigment removal. Let's just hope that I do better chemistry when my hair is not involved. A school newspaper article even noted that I was the "hypercolor hair boy".
Here are a couple of pictures of my hair over the years...

Mom - Thanks for this haircut.... or is that Holly?

At least it is off the neck here.

Whooo, time to change that oil!

Can you tell when I started "cutting" my own hair?
That hair cut was all one length, a "2". Now I have matured and I use 5 guards with the clippers, the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8.

Check out the chin strap, I bet Heather would love that now.

Hyper-color hair boy

I look funny without some hair on my face.

Happy Birthday to Malone (could this be the big 3-0?) and also Happy Graduation to LD who just completed Police Academy. (Sorry, I couldn't think of any Police Academy quotes)


Barb said...

Hi Ryan, I had a feeling that WAS the quote,because I didn't think it sounded like something you would say. Unfortunately i have never seen the movie.(nor wanted to)Anyway just had to say I am glad you figured out the hair "thing" BEFORE you married my daughter!!!!Love ,Barb

Debbie Sanders said...

Ryan-- not sure what the quote is, but is it from the movie "Hair" ???? Also, regarding the first photo, I do believe that was taken BETWEEN haircuts!! But you were still so... cute!

Love, Mom

Ryan said...

Nope not from "Hair", but thanks for a guess. No other guesses this week?