Saturday, August 12, 2006

Like Father, Like Son

Ryan's mom sent us a few pictures of Ryan when he was Sawyer's age. She's been saying that as she looks at all these pictures of Sawyer recently she can't get over their resemblence; that Sawyer is pretty much identical to what she remembers Ryan looking like at that age. I knew Sawyer looked alot like Ryan did as a newborn, but I kept thinking as he got older that I saw it less and less. Maybe I just thought he was too chubby. Ryan had been such a little twerp and Sawyer already weighs more than Ryan did when he turned a year old. So Debbie scanned some pictures and sent them to us and I have got to admit Sawyer is a practically a little (or should I say bigger) carbon copy of his daddy. It's the same big grin all the time.
Take a look...

Ryan at 8 months

Sawyer at 8 months

Sorry for the quality... scanning pictures that are almost three decades gotta expect to lose a little. Here's a few more of baby Ryan. You can scroll back through previous posts if you want to compare with more of Sawyer. (click on any of these to see the larger image)


Nicole said...

Wow they do look identical! Isn't it fun to look at old baby pictures? I'll have to go get some of me and Ryan and compare them to Porter. I've been meaning to do that for awhile... glad you posted about it!

Debbie Sanders said...

I am glad you agree, Heather! It is pretty amazing at how they look so much alike. It is going to be fun watching Sawyer grow up and see how he changes and IF he continues to look like Ryan or not as he grows. But, for now, he does have the same smile, nose and eyes for sure! They are both cuties...... (I'll send more as I get to them). And we can keep comparing the two as Sawyer keeps growing.
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Holly Smith said...


Can you put on a fake mustache and lay on the couch and then I'll have a more informed opition for you.


Aunt Trish said...

Wow they look a LOT alike, what a bunch of cuties.. love it!