Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take a Bath

I'm so excited! I have been wondering what to do with our main bathroom as far as decorating goes, and I've been at a loss thus far. I want to do something fun and cute because it is the kids' bathroom, but not too juvenile or annoyingly cutsie because that is the main bathroom and what guests use and stuff. Right now its painted a pale sage green and since it was recently redone and painted Ryan doesn't really want to repaint it. So I've been kind of trying to go with that color. It actually goes well with the shower curtain I already had, so I thought I'd be stuck with that. It's a nice curtain with what looks like crayon drawings (kind of like the "Jesus fish" type) of different sized fish in navy blue, powder blues and greens. I do like that curtain, but I've had it for something like 8 years, so I'm kind of tired of it... ready for a change. I've played around with different ideas and colors for that bathroom, like I said, trying to go with something fun and bright for the kids. But I just haven't found anthing I like that's not too little kid. Anyway, I'd kind of given up on it, but I was looking on ebay yesterday and I found (and won the bid on) these prints...

Aren't they cute? I think they'll be perfect in there. I might try to find a shower curtain that coordinates with them or just a white waffle weave type to kind of go along with the squares. There are so many colors in the prints it'll be easy to find a couple of accesories to match and then we'll be set!
This is actually the first peice of art or anything I've bought for the new house. Other than paint and window treatments, what we have done so far has just been things we needed practically or just stuff we had before. It's so fun to buy new things for decorating!

We went to an open house for a preschool this morning. Savannah loved it. I really liked it too. It's a small christian preschool in a building next to the Sandstone Congregational Church in Northwest Jackson. It would be just Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the school year, which I think would be perfect for us. I really liked the teachers and the rooms and it's really quite reasonable cost-wise, so we may go ahead and sign her up. There was only one spot left for three-year-olds so we need to decide pretty quick.
When I told Savannah this morning we were going to go visit a school to see if we liked it and maybe she could go to school there, she kept trying to tell me she couldn't go to school because she wasn't 5 yet. She knows you have to be 5 to go to kindergarten, so it took quite a bit of talking to convince her that this was a school just for 3 and 4 year olds before you go to kindergarten. The whole ten minute drive there she was still asking me if I was sure it was okay that she wasn't 5 and I had to explain it about three more times. And then, "you can't drive to school... I need to ride a bus if I'm going to go to a school!" It's so hard to remember that kids this age think in so many absolutes. If you tell her one thing, she'll remember it forever and thinks that's the way it will always be. And if you change it on her she usually wants a full explanation! Sometimes I think she's a little too smart for her own good.

And the Laughlins strike again! Kasey once again guessed Ryan's movie quote in his post -which was, yes, a day late.
The quote was "Cocktails and Dreams" which I'm told is the name of the bar in the movie Cocktails. Does that count as a quote?!
Yeah Kasey! Is anyone else ever going to play this game???

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Heather,I really like the prints.:)Nice find.