Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is she becoming obsessed?

Savannah is really into drawing people right now. And no, that's not the obsession I'm referring to. I wish it was that nice of a habit. But she draws everyone she can think of (and wants to know how to spell every name) and they are all very specific and have a story behind them. Anyway, here's one she drew yesterday.
This is Little D. That's what Savannah calls little Donnie. So she draws his face in this order, narrating for me.
His eyes,
his nose,
his ears,
his hair, -"he doesn't have very much hair"-,
his mouth,
his arms,
his legs,
she colors his eyes blue -"because Little D has blue eyes"-,
she colors his ears blue -she had no explanation for that-,
and then she says "and I have to put holes in his nose for his boogies... so he can pick his nose."
Did you notice the big nostrils?

She's been talking about that kind of stuff a lot lately- the nose stuff. The other day we were in the car and she was rambling on and on about her own nose. She asked me "why do I get so much stuff in my nose?".
I said, "what stuff?".
"I always have boogies. I just always have to pick my nose all the time!"

Can you tell I have nothing special to write about today? I'm resorting to a three-year-old's ponderings of the accumulations in her nose. Sorry.

Really not much going on around here today. Ryan put a movie on while I'm writing all this. If I send Ryan to the video store he quite often comes back with something I've never heard of and they turn out to be either so artsy and out there they make no sense, or so stupid they're not even close to funny. This one seems pretty funny so far and it's actually pretty interesting. Kind of distracting me from this. So I'm gonna sign off and watch that. I'll let you know if it's any good.

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GrammaG said...

I love the picture of little D. The attention to detail really shows her maturity. However I find it hard to accept the nose picking. Afterall ,I worked in a k-class for 16 yrs, it went on all the time so I washed my hands often.So did they!!!What they touched I touched .I personally hope she out grows it quickly.(by Oct.!?)XOXO Mom