Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fair Days

We spent our Saturday at the Jackson County Fair with the Barczak family. It was a perfect day to be there. It wasn't very crowded at all and the weather was just right, perfect in the shade and just warm in the sun; not too hot at all. We walked through all the barns and looked at all the 4-H animals. Savannah loved the bunnies and Sawyer liked petting the cows and horses.

Savannah got to ride a pony. She looked like a natural trotting around on that thing.

After we sat down and had a great lunch of overpriced but delicious fair food, both our kids went for a spin on the carousel. Here's a picture of Sawyer and Porter with full tummies after lunch ready for a nap.

We took our time and walked through all the booths and all the shows and came home with a couple of very tired out kiddos. Happy Saturday!

**Turns out by the time I'm getting around to posting this tonight Ryan is currently laying upstairs in our bathroom trying to nap by the toilet. Apparently the coney island hot dog he scarfed down earlier today while waiting in line for our onion rings did not sit well with him. He started complaining that his stomache was hurting him shortly after we got home this afternoon and now it's full blown "I wish I would just throw up already and get it overwith". Hopefully he'll get it out of his system and be good as new. Gotta go take care of the sicky.

He'd better be up to par tomorrow... he's got a blog to do!


Nicole said...

Yeah... Porter and Sawyer ready for a nap that didn't happen LOL.

OH my goodness I can't believe Ryan got sick! I thought those hotdogs looked sketchy... poor guy! Hopefully he can barf and get it overwith.

Debbie Sanders said...

Ryan -- hope you feel better by tomorrow. No one likes being sick like that! Tell Savannah she looked great on that pony; bet she had a really good time at the fair, it is always so much fun for kids. Give them both a big hug and kiss for me and I'll talk to you tomorrow if you are feeling better.
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

docproc said...

I would like to comment on Ryan's current position but I realize that the respectable members of society browsing this noble family's blogspace might object to my opinions.

PS. Go Ducks!!!

Ryan said...

Thanks for sparing everyone of any stories that you may have. All I have to say is "Sir, may I borrow those sweats?"