Thursday, August 24, 2006

She's a people person!

Have a peek at our house

This is what I see everywhere I turn today. I'm serious. I snapped a couple pics to show Ryan how funny it was covering the couch and the ottoman. And then I remembered the dining room table was covered.
And the table in the living room.
And the table in the toy room.
And the floor in my bedroom.
And four on the fridge and even two on the table in the entryway.
So I thought I'd share them with all of you. This is a product of just yesterday and today (and it's only noon today!). Can you guess what my daughter's passion is lately? *you can click on any of these to see her artwork up close


Heidi West said...

I have to be honest...I'm a little creeped out. Maybe Savannah has some weird 6th sense that we don't know about. Or maybe she'll just be the next Monet!

nobody said...

Go Picaso! Excellent! They're aren't enough passionate people in the world today.

Debbie Sanders said...

Hey, what can I say, she just loves art......and especially just loves to draw! Savannah, you go girl! A new budding artist; good job, they look great!

Love, Gramma Debbie

Mom said...

Hi Guys! I am thrilled that Savannah loves to draw and amazed at how good they look. I have seen a lot of 5 year olds that can't do as well. It will be fun to see how her"people" evolve.Soon the girls will have jewelry and ponytails.But lets hope they get "bodys" first.Better buy paper by the reem! TOOO cute. Glad you took pics.Tell Savannah we all want drawings at our house to decorate with too!Thanks!Love to you all ...Gramma G XOXO

Kasey said...

We hope that the drawings don't completely take over the house! They are cute though! Sorry the Laughlins haven't guessed the quotes recently. I started teaching this week and Mike had shoulder surgery today, so its been a little hectic! We hope everything else is going well! We miss you all!

Jenn Sanders said...

Definitely a lot of drawings! They are cute, and its fun to see how excited she is with them all over :) So art supplies may be an idea of something to bring Savannah, eh? Greg and I are so excited to come and see you all! I know I haven't really commented yet, but I love your blog! You've done a great job with it Heather, thanks for the updates! Its fun to be able to see what you guys are up to! We still miss you being here in Oregon, of course! but i'm glad to see you're settling in to you soon!