Thursday, August 17, 2006

Picky Eater

So for being such a big eater, Sawyer is definitely a picky one. How does that work? I guess it's a good thing he doesn't eat everything? He'd probably be twice the size he already is.

We tried avacado today for the first time. Didn't go over so well.
He tried it right away... and then spit it out and made some faces I've never seen before. Here he is happily eating everything else off of his tray. Notice all the little yellow/green cubes he was steering clear of.

Since I missed all the sour faces before I grabbed the camera, I tried to make him eat a little more. Here's how that turned out.

He almost refuses to be spoon fed anymore, so I'm trying to phase out the baby food. If he has finger food on his tray, he pays no attention to the spoon. And if there is no finger food on the tray he starts yelling. If its the only option, he will eat off the spoon but he protests the whole time- and quite loudly. But I'm running out of ideas of "real foods" he can eat. He won't eat green beans, or raisins, or peaches, or now we know avacado. He can't eat anything with any milk in it at all (it really aggrivates his eczema); no cheese, no creamed spinach, nothing with any milk ingredients. Gerber makes these cool Carrot Wagon Wheels and also they have "meat sticks" that are little super soft mini hotdogs made out of chicken or turkey or beef. But he's skin's been getting alot worse lately and I checked those ingredients and lo and behold- you guessed it; milk.
So anyway, his menu basically consists of crackers, toast, bagels, pasta, bananas, pears, cooked apples, carrots, peas, squash, and baked or steamed russet and sweet potatoes. That's what? twelve items... three meals a day... not too much variety in my opinion. I feel like he needs more proteins, since he can't eat cheese or eggs and now he can't have those meat sticks. (I ended up buying him a couple little cans of those Vienna Sausages... but those can't be very good for him.) If I cook chicken long enough and cube that up, do you think that's okay? Otherwise I guess he just has to wait till he has molars to eat meat? I could try tofu...
Any ideas on other finger foods that can be soft enough or small enough for him?


Debbie Sanders said...

Have you tried hamburger pieces? Taegen really likes them, cut up in bite-size pieces, especially when we BBQ, but she isn't as crazy about them the next day heated up, unless you get the center part that is softest. You could give it a try. Also try shredding the cooked chicken; that is how Holly usually gives it to Taegen, which seems to work well for her. Maybe some kind of legumes (they have a lot of protein) -- kidney beans, garbonzo beans; he may like them. Good luck!
There is always the steamed liver -- ask Ryan!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

gramma g said...

Greetings, On Sawyers behalf, I would like to say that NOT liking avocado in my opinion is NOT picky! I didn't even know it existed as a child,and as an adult,I think i'ts only good in guacamole.So how about trying lima beans, remember Savannah loved them.You could try other beans, kidney or black and of course he HAS to like bushs baked beans;who doesn't.Keep offering the green beans though.(Too young for tuna I suppose.)I found the real stubby blue and yellow baby silverware set in my camping supplies. He might like holding on to his own.May even try using it!!!Thanks once again for the pictures. They do help to make the distance between us seem a little bit less.XOX for all-Mom

Mom said...

Hey, I just made a meat loaf (yesterday)and forgot to use the muffin cups(like you did)instead of the loaf pan. What about meatloaf "cupakes".Nice and tender and flavorful,carrots and oatmeal and use juice or broth instead of the milk. Maybe even the mini ones.Freeze them and take them out every now and then.:)Mom

Heidi West said...

I totally think you should have him try can make it taste like anything. That's the beauty of it. I forgot he can't have dairy. I guess we won't hear "more cheese please" out of that one!

Annie said...

Good to talk with you a little last night. Hummus is an awesome, tasty protein source, garden burgers, refried beans mixed with a little salsa, yougurt is a good protein source (as long as it's low sugar - I buy plain and mix in a little Simply Fruit), also, if you really want to give him meat, you can put chicken, avacado, chicken broth or a bit of almond milk, sweet potatoes, ANYTHING in a food processor and turn into a mix with minimal to no chucks (you can also spread this mix on toast if he's doing that). That's what I have now, I'll email you if I think of anything else exciting! ;)