Sunday, August 13, 2006

Life's Certainties

Life has many certainties. Although some may say that nothing is certain except for death and taxes.
People are always trying to tell me some of these certainties with regard to my kids. They are usually in the form of little cliches like "kids grow up too fast", or tell me to "cherish the time when they are young".
I have some examples from my own life. Things like home improvement projects will always cost more and will take longer than expected. Also you will always be vacuuming the house in the last hour before guests come over. I am sure that you have similar certainties in your everyday life too.
But now I have a new one that I would like to share with everyone. Never eat a coney island hot dog on the last day of the fair.
I probably should have known better even before I wrapped my lips around it when I saw the small hands of the carnie, who smelled like cabbage, serve it to me.
I feel much better today after about 12 hours of sleep. I think that the bad part about this is that it probably would have looked about the same coming back up. I should have been able to see the foreshadowing there.
Let me know if you have any words of wisdom to share with me; what you have found to be a certainty in life. Hopefully nothing about coney island dogs, since I have already learned my lesson on that one.


Gabe said...

The quote is from Austin Powers, about things that he fears, one of those being carnies, who smell of cabbage and have small hands.

Apparently they also let hot dogs sit out at the fair all week and feed then to unsuspecting visitors.

Ryan said...

gabe is correct! and as a bonus there is one more hidden in there too! good luck

GrampaGirard said...

If you you are looking for a quote then Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying "that nothing is certain except for death and taxes."

ryan said...

Ben Franklin is commonly given credit for that phrase. You get a gold star. But no credit for this game since it was never in a movie.

Will I have to give a hint on Wednesday for the second quote?

(I thought that Gabe would get the other one first...)

ryan said...

quote hint: after the character says this he/she hands another character a drink.

Gabe said...

This is bad, I have no idea what the quote could be. I've gone as far as finding scripts to movies I think it could be and searching them for keywords. No luck.

I give up

ryan said...

another hint: the character name who says the line is "Budd"

Heidi West said...

Can we have hint #3?