Monday, August 14, 2006

Quotes, quotes, and more quotes

Ryan was a little trickier with his post yesterday and threw two movie quotes in there. Gabe was the first to guess one of them: "carnie, smells like cabbage, small hands" is from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. So Gabe effectively threw off the Laughlin's winning streak, but there is one more quote from a movie in there. Any other guesses?

Here's an SJ quote for you:
this morning...
me: "Savannah, you can watch some tv while I go take a quick shower now, okay?"
SJ: "Okay mom, but you need to not jump when you're in there, you might get hurt. You have to walk in the shower, okay?!"
**(last time I told her I was going to "jump in the shower real quick". Apparently she was really worried about that!)**

And I wanted to share a few funny mis-sayings from our little SJ.
She says
*hide & sink (hide & seek)
*just boring (just born)

and darn it, I had about a half dozen of these in my head this morning that I wanted to write down, but now I can't think of them. I'll add them later when I remember.

p.s. *Happy Birthday Mom!!*
**And to Little Jack! can't believe you're 2 already!**


Mom said...

Hi! What about in Mr.Dons' pool whan she said "NO FLASHING!!!" instead of no splashing!!(I love to hear her say let's play hide and sink. It's hard not to laugh!!)I'm planning on just enjoying the day doing nothing. Thanks! XOX MOM

laughlin said...

we know what the quote is but can't figure out which movie...argh!!! let the laughlin streak live!!!