Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Morning

We spent the morning over at Vandercook Lake today. It's a nice little lake close to us (it's only a 5, maybe 10 minute drive) with picnic areas and a big playground. It was nice to get out of the hot house and get in the water. We were over there by just after nine this morning, so it was still cool enough to enjoy being outside and with the breeze off the lake, it was downright pleasant!

We played for a bit on the playground... Sawyer, fearless as always when it comes to climbing!

Then we took a dip in the water.

And played some more, enjoying the park
before the temperature got too high.

Sawyer loved watching the seagulls...

...untill he decided it was time to go home.

So we headed home and had a picnic lunch in the backyard!

I had never been to that park before. We may be spending alot of hot days there. It's nice to have a "swimming hole" so close. It's nice that it's close enough to just run over and play for an hour or two and not have to make a whole big day trip of it. We have a wading pool in our backyard, but at the lake shore there's such a nice breeze. I kept thinking it'll be really fun next summer when Sawyer can run around with Savannah and splash in the water more. Next time we head over there we'll have to get Katie and Nicole to bring Donnie and Porter along!

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Annie said...

How fun! Great pics - it's fun to see the kids.Thanks so much for keeping up with this! You should've started this in Oregon. ;) Hope you're doing great.
love, Annie
p/s would you email me the link to where you got the info about the medicine forward you found?