Monday, August 21, 2006

must... eat... shiny black cheerios

No one has any guesses for this week's movie quote?
Mike and Kasey, are you there?
Gabe and Heidi, aren't you doing your research?
Tell me when you want a hint...

We had pizza for dinner tonight and Savannah had her usual can of olives with her one piece of pizza. I snuck a few away from her to give Sawyer a try. He hated 'em. It was pretty funny though, because he was sort of strangely obsessed with them. Normally he knows when he doesn't like something and he recognizes it and steers clear of it on his tray, eating everything else and turning a blind eye to the offending morsels. But it seemed as though he were drawn to these little shiny black things on his tray, and couldn't leave them alone. Even though there was plenty of other food on his tray he did like, he kept picking up the olives like they were his favorite thing. And everytime he'd pop one in his mouth, he'd then make the same sour face and spit it back out. Over and over again. Strange kid. I finally took the olives off his tray, because he wasn't really eating them, but he wasnt' really eating anything else either because the only thing he wanted to pick up were those little black "cheerios".
Which, in case you forgot (as it seems he did), he hated.
What a goof-ball!


gramma g said...

You need to save these daily blogs for Sawyer and Savannah to read some day. They should get a kick out of them.:)I don't suppose that many kids like black olives UNTIL they can eat them off their fingers!XOX mom

docproc said...

I see you've added the 3d logic link to your blog.... Nice.