Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Birthday stuff and Growing up

I'm quite proud of myself. I usually am a huge procrastinator. But this week I've gotten all the birthday shopping for Ryan DONE and all the presents ready and wrapped! And I still have five days left. I can't go into detail, but there are lots of little gifts involved to kind of make up one big one. Savannah's very excited because she thought of her gift herself. She tells everyone we see in the store or at the dr's office that it's her daddy's birthday and she's giving him a present and it's a _____.
Now I just have to figure out what to do about a cake. Ryan's requested a Raspberry Lemonade Cake just like the one from the Konditerei in Salem. YUM!! That's probably the best cake I've ever had. Well, I've tried to find a copycat recipe and no luck. I've found lots of lemonade cake recipes and even had a couple of other "rasberry lemonade" cakes, but it's not the same. Not sure what I'm gonna do yet.

Sawyer had his 9 month check-up yesterday. Now that's he's almost 10 months old, haha! He weighs 23lbs, 4oz and he's 29.5" tall. He's actually fallen down into the 75th percentile in both height and weight, which surprised me. He's always been up in the 90th percentile on the charts. I thought for sure he'd be higher in weight and slowing down in height since he's been looking so much chubbier to me lately.
We of course had a long talk with the doctor about his eczema and the allergies that go along with that. She said he looks good and we're doing well with that. And talking about the allergies, since he's eating more table foods, she let me know of a few things we'll probably need to look out for that I hadn't thought of. Obviously we've already known all the milk products and things that contain any dairy, including eggs. But since he's also allergic to the soy formula, he's probably also going to have problems with all the legumes which means soy, tofu, nuts, and all beans and peas. Also kids that have eczema associated with food allergies often can't tolerate berries, peaches, apricots, kiwi and any other citris including pineapple.
So what can he eat, right?!
Turns out this kid's more and more like his dad everyday. Ryan had a million allergies when he was little too. Hopefully Sawyer will grow out of them as well. Sooner rather than later would be nice.

Thinking about him growing up; I couldn't beleive what he pulled yesterday! We were at Meijer (which, for those of you in the Northwest, is just like a Fred Meyer store) and they have those coin-operated horses which run on just 1 penny. Savannah always gets to 2 cents to ride while I'm going through the check-out, and the last couple of trips over there Sawyer has also ridden on our way out. So yesterday I'm paying for groceries and Savannah runs over to the horses and hops on. Sawyer's still sitting in the cart and when he realizes where she's headed he starts whining. And then when he sees her climb on and start her ride, he starts full-on yelling and crying at me and trying to climb out of the cart! We finally make our way over there and he is practically climbing up me trying to get out of the cart and onto a horse. So I hold him up there for a ride, but when his horse stops and I take him off, he completely loses it because Savannah was still going (she had already put in a second penny). So I had to sit him back on his horse while Savannah finished her ride, and then as she finally dismounted, he was happy to say good-bye to the horses and get back in the cart. It was crazy! He either recognizes and really likes those horsey rides, or he really wants to be doing whatever his big sister is doing. Probably both. Keep in mind he is only 9 months old!! I think we're in for some trouble with this one.

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GrammaG said...

Sounds like the birthday party planned for Ryan will be a fun one.Be sure and fill us in on all the details.I've never had a raspberry lemonade cake,but it sounds really good. Most everything with raspberries is. So what suggestions DID the doctor give you for Sawyers diet? It's not fair to say all the things he shouldn't have without some "can haves" !!!The horse episode sounds too funny.Maybe Savannah will just have to wait till everyone is ready to go. We have some cute pictures of them both riding.(and in the nifty shopping cart too)Be very thankful it's only a penny to ride the pony!XOXO GrammaG