Friday, August 18, 2006

It's a mystery

I have been getting the urge to make some more of my books lately. But I haven't been able to find all my paper.
I've made a couple of note cards to send to friends, but not as many as I have really wanted to, because I can't find all my paper.
I've thought about doing some work on Sawyer's baby book, but never got it out because I can't find all my paper.
I wasn't all that concerned because I thought that I've seen it around here somewhere in all the unpacking. I did wonder why it wasn't with all my other craft stuff. Well, tomorrow I'm going with Nicole and Katie up to Bay City to an all day crop at a scrapbook store. So I decide, of course, tonight is the night I have to find all the rest of my scrapbook paper. Now Ryan and I have turned this house inside out and I still have no paper. I'm telling you, we have looked everywhere. There is no case of scrapbook paper in this house. I am very puzzled, quite frustrated, and really, really sad because I had some great paper in there. And whether it was great or not, there was a ton of paper in there ($$$!!!). All my supplies for those picture books I make, all that coordinating scrapbook paper and some cute stuff I just bought for Sawyer's baby book not long before we moved. I am 99% positive that it is not in this house. But where did it go???

Oh and the other bummer was that in the process of all this looking, Ryan found his hidden birthday presents. So much for surprises.

So on to better news...
Two of our friends had babies born this week!
Congrats to Ty, Steph, and big brother Jack... welcome Baby Julia! She was born yesterday, Aug.17th in Tualatin, OR.
And Congrats to John and Dawn Bambusch... can't believe you have your own little one now!! Baby Logan was born Aug. 14th in Portland.
Enjoy your new little families! We love you guys!


nicole said...

Your books are awesome! You'll have to show me how to make them accordion style.

Sorry I didn't call you today... My computer got some sort of virus and the Norton Auto Protect thingy didn't work and I spent all day trying to figure out how to fix it and on the Norton "tech chat line" with people who were probably in some forein country trying to help me. UGH. Anyway... I got NOTHING done today. Nothing. Didn't even bust out the scrapbook stuff. Still sitting in my bag.

Anyway, you'll have to come over sometime and we can scrapbook. Maybe get the hubby's to take the kids outta here...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yet another 8/14 Birthday! What can I say???