Friday, August 25, 2006

My husband left me again

We were out this morning (actually it was just about afternoon by the time we got everyone up and moving and out of the house) running a couple of errands* and getting a new muffler put on the 4-runner. Along the way, Ryan mentioned what a good day it would be to play some golf. Then low and behold, when we get home, we find a message on my phone from Ryan Barczak saying if Ryan was interested in golfing this afternoon to give him a call at home. Of course since my Ryan (really... do we always have to have so many friends named Ryan?!?) had just been daydreaming about being out on the greens all the way home, I really couldn’t object. It is, after all, his birthday weekend. Even though it is, after all, his first day home all week. I was really looking forward to NOT having to have the kids all by myself today. We’re getting kind of sick of each other. ~Just kidding~

So he’s off playing for the next few hours. Sawyer’s taking a late nap (thank goodness) and Savannah’s watching a movie she’s been begging for all week (I’m really trying to limit her tv time lately, -to like no tv time-, but it’s been a long week and I don’t have the energy to entertain her all afternoon). So here I sit blogging.

Okay, since I feel like I've been doing a lot of babbling the last few days, and you've proably heard enough out of me, I thought I'd just post some pictures. 'Cause it's been about a week since I've posted any new pictures of the kids and I'm sure the grandmas are having withdrawals.

Here's what we did all day yesterday. The box from our new dryer -presto chango- Hours of entertainment for the kiddos. It's Savannah AND Sawyer's house. Savannah makes sure everytime she says it it's both, because she's "a good big sister who likes to share!" And it's Sydney's and Lammie's too, by the way. This picture is pre-redecorating. Now the inside and outside of the box are covered with markers and stickers. And of course many "portraits" (see previous post for samplings) hanging inside.

Here's the "table" we made to go inside the house. Complete with 4 place settings as well as a wide variety of food items in a rainbow of colors.

And here's just a few more of the kids taking a juice break together... pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!

*Great deal on scrapbook paper this weekend!!!
JoAnn's has all their open stock paper, any size, for 16cents apeice. The 12x12 is normally like .59, and you can often get it on sale for 3 or 4/$1. This weekend it's 6/.96! Luckily our JoAnn's here has a great selection. It made it a little easier to replace some of my missing paper. As anyone who scrapbooks knows, it's easy to get carried away buying paper like that; it adds up so quick. So I tried to limit myself, but I wound up with a whole honkin' stack. Still only spent $6!!! I was amazed. I just may go back tomorrow...

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GrammaG said...

HI! Great playhouse and great pictures!!! I am at Beckys' office in Nevada.
I WAS having withdrawls,'cuz I couldn't get to a computer. She needs a new cable at her apt.We will stop and get one on the way back.Nevada is HOT. I do like the sw deco and the pool late at night IS very relaxing.But Oregon is much nicer.I think I am ready for fall.I would be getting ready for school allready. Feels strange,but nice not to have to think about work.Hope to talk to you all tomorrow.XOXOX Gramma G