Sunday, August 27, 2006

Boston Trip and The Bar

I just got back from a quick trip to Boston. Heather and the kids took me to the airport on Monday and picked me back up on Thursday. Over the course of the week I talked to Savannah on the phone quite a few times but I don't think that I really ever convinced her that I really wasn't working at the airport. The highlight of my trip was the Boston Duck Tour. It was a great way to see the city and hear a ton of history in 90 minutes. My tour guide was Paul from Revere, a section of Boston. The most important thing that he told us is how to drive in Boston. He said that if we looked all the stop lights and traffic signs as mere suggestions we would be fine. The city was really confusing to drive in since only one street went from one side to the other and they all switched names about 3 or 4 times on the way across.
I had a nice surpise waiting for me when I got home. Heather had finished lacquering the bar and she had bought and built a bakers rack in the bar too. And today I got a couple of Bar stools from Don and Katie. The bar is looking good, so stop buy if you get a chance. I will gladly serve you up a beer, a caucasian Gary or maybe I'll have more of that good sarsaparilla.
The next steps for the bar are to hang up the posters and maybe change the door into a half door. And then we can get some 8-Ball tournaments going on (Make sure to check out the new rules of play).
I checked this blog every night while I was away to see if there were any guesses for the movie quote last week but no one ever got the quote from "Back to the Future", "Whooo, time to change that oil!".


docproc said...

this week's quote is a little to easy.

go ducks

Gabe said...

Heidi and I have discussed this at length and we'd rather have (almost) countless white russians like The Dude in the Big Lebowski rather than any sarsaparilla. Though neither of us have ever had a sarsaparilla...

Nice bar, The Dude abides.

GrampaGirard said...

Hey Ryan,

I want a rematch on the 59 games of pool we played. I noticed on the rule page that it illegal to play with a cue under 53".

Ryan said...

If you want a rematch we will need to move that wall, are you up for that? (I don't know if I am)

Sorry the quote was so easy this week but I was a little disappointed after last week's Back to the Future quote going unguessed, at least there was very good effort the week before for the Kill Bill quote.

Plus I was saving the Big Lebowski for a special occasion such as being able to serve Caucasian Ryans over the new bar.