Monday, August 14, 2006

It's a Sad, Sad Day

Let me apologize up front to any of you readers who are not parents of toddlers or preschoolers. If you read this post you will more than likely wonder why I would waste my time on a topic so pointless. Please excuse me while I vent on a subject under extreme debate in the world of preschoolers and their parents. This is a big deal.

This morning Savannah spoke the six words I never thought I'd hear from any child of mine.
"I like Joe better than Steve."

How on earth is this possible, I ask myself.
She is, of course, referring to the one and only real person character on the show "Blue's Clues". For those of you who aren't familiar with Blue's Clues, it is -in my opinion (professionally as a preschool teacher, and personally as a parent) one of the best kid's shows ever created. I should say used to be the best. Again for those of you who don't know, after about five years on the show, the "host" Steve went off to "college" and his little brother Joe took over the show to continue finding Blue's clues and leading the kids on all kinds of learning adventures. Ever since then the show hasn't been the same. Steve was a believable, funny, "clueless" kid-at-heart guy who was entertaining and not overly annoying like so many kid's shows characters can be. Joe, on the other hand IS rather annoying; he tries too hard to be goofy and seems to hugely overact. The show kind of went downhill and they've since added many new extras like magic clues that talk, lots of crazy pretend/imagination situations, and talking Blue (the dog). It was so much better when they kept it smart and simple. I swear when Savannah was younger she had a crush on Steve. She loved that show, and Steve made the show. So now, usually if Savannah watches Blue's Clues on tv, she sees the new shows with Joe. Every once in awhile they'll show an older one with good ol' Steve. Like this morning. I was watching with her (okay, I admit I had a small crush on Steve at some point -before I was married of course!) and it was one we hadn't seen where Blue and Steve were going on a bug hunt and Steve was trying to figure out what Blue's favorite bug was. So when halfway through the show Savannah announces "I like Joe better than Steve", I was crushed. She had succombed to the flashy, new, magical, annoying Joe series of Blue's Clues. Never thought that would happen to a child of mine. I don't know where she gets it from.
We preach Steve around here.

Any thoughts from other moms?

Interesting note: Steve left "Blue's Clues" to pursue his own music career in New York. Here's what he's been up to since "Blue's Clues".
And he's not half-bad!
Steve's web page
Steve Burns Rocks


GrammaG said...

Heather, I too,am shocked,that a grandchild of mine would chose Joe over Steve.I am a little dissapointed in Savannah.(I hope it doesn't last)It must be that Michigan influence.(Grammas have strong opinions too) XXOXX Mom

Trish said...

LOL.. just the fact that you are THAT into Blues Clues amazes me! You guys are funny!