Friday, August 04, 2006

Family Time

Sawyer waved for the first time today!
He was up on Ryan's shoulders and I was waving hi to him and he started waving back like crazy. I couldn't even get a good picture he was so excited and moving his little arm so fast!

I feel like we've been so busy this past week with my family in town that I haven't really posted much. I guess it wasn't so much a matter of being busy, just otherwise occupied. Distracted. Unavailable. Felt bad ignoring them to type up my story on the computer. Whatever you want to call it. Anyway, they're on their way home tonight, so I thought I'd take a minute as I sit down and unwind and fill you in.
Here's a recap of the past week with my parents and my grandma visiting.
Friday we went over to Binder Park Zoo. It was nice because it wasn't too awfully hot most of the time. That was before the heat wave fully hit us I think.
Sawyer loved the giraffes.
he was growling at them.

The Huff family graciously offered us to spend some cool time in the sun in their backyard, so we spent most of the day Saturday at their pool.

Here's Savannah ready for a swim.

My mom and dad playing a little ball.
Sawyer had a blast kicking around.

Savannah was kind of a pool toy hog...

We spent the next few days kind of trying to lay low and keep cool. We set up the wading pool in the backyard for the kids (and us) to help with that. We took a couple of drives around town to show them the sites of Jackson, and made it out to spend the morning at Vandercook Lake on Wednesday. Ryan and my dad got quite a few little projects done around the house. Here's some pictures of the biggest project, our first "remodel" of the house so far. There's a corner of the basement that was walled off as a little room that's about 5'x8' that was previously filled with shelves and used as a pantry.

We decided to cut out a big window/pass through and make it a bar area. Here are pictures of them cutting out the window, rewiring some outlets and a switch inside, and finishing the walls on the inside.

They got it framed out with studs and support and a base for the bar top put on. All we have left to do is attach the bar top and finish framing it with moulding, do some flooring, get some cool pendant lights up and all those little finishing touches. I think it's turning out really well. We should be able to finish it this weekend and maybe spend next weekend laquering it up!


nicole said...

Your bar area is going to be so cool! My hubby is going to be sooo jealous. He is dying to have a basement with room for a bar. Maybe someday...

Debbie Sanders said...

Way to go, Sawyer! Your waving looks great! It is so sad that you and your cousin Taegen aren't living closer so you can both wave to each other. You both seem to enjoy it so much! Keep up the good work of learning! Tell your mom and dad to give you a big hug and kiss from your grandma and grandpa! We miss you lots! (But, we will see you soon.....)

Love, Gramma Debbie (& Grampa Andy)

Debbie Sanders said...

Savannah, you look as cute as always in your swimsuit and it looks like you had a lot of fun in the BIG swimming pool! What fun for a hot, summer day..... We love and miss you! Tell your mom and dad to give you a big hug and kiss from grandma and grandpa and we will talk to you on the phone soon!

Love, Gramma Debbie (& Grampa Andy)

GrammaG said...

Hi!Our time in Mich.went way to fast.It's good to be home(after 2 weeks,6 plane rides and almost 1200 miles in a car)where the nights cool off,and there is very little humidity .Your dad had fun with the "projects",it's always more fun to work at someone elses house.Kinda like house cleaning. Savannah and Sawyer are sooo much cuter and funnier in person.I think I even saw a little wave as we were leaving:) Great Grandma had lots of fun and some adventure.Maybe she will make the trip again ? (ha ha )Now we like to say to each other,"what was your favorite part of the day?"(Somewhat of an SJ quote:) Thanks Savannah for reminding us to be thankful and find joy in the littlest things that we sometimes take for granted.Was surprised to see our pics on the blog. Glad you chose carefully :).Sorry we didn't get to see Ryan play,but sorrier they lost.Miss you guys allready.XOXOX Mom (gramma G)