Monday, January 29, 2007

So Ready....

to head home!!!
I'm ready... to be done living out of suitcases, be done being a guest in a different house every day, be done with crazy run-around schedules, be done sharing a bedroom with my baby, have this dreaded plane trip overwith already, not have to miss Ryan anymore, not have to listen to Savannah saying (more and more sadly each day) that "I just miss my Daddy so much", get back to no traffic and no more than a 10 minute drive to anywhere in town, ... for all of us to get some real rest and get back to "normal".

But I will definitely miss... all of our great friends, ...all of our family, ...seeing the kid's faces light up when we see Grammas and Grampas and Aunts and Uncles that we don't get to see all the time (it's fun to see Sawyer actually recognize these people now and be happy to see them each time we return to a house; since he's so young he doesn't remember anyone from before), ...the gorgeous weather we've been having here, ...the gorgeous views and landscape of the Portland area, ...our "home church", ...the feeling of being home.

I've found myself feeling a little jealous of Ryan's time alone at home. What I wouldn't give to have a few days home by myself! No kids, no spouse, no one else to clean up after. Doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Time to myself to get things accomplished (and to just do nothing also!)
Yeah, I would love a few days to myself like that.
But only a few.
I would imagine 17 days is way too many!


We've of course had a busy last couple of days around here...
On Saturday we just hung out at my mom's, the kids took a nice walk in the sunshine to the park with Gramma and Grampa and the dog, and then we got packed up and headed back to Ryan's mom's house for the last few nights of our trip.

This morning we went to River West again, and then after church we headed straight over to Ryan's Grandpa Morrison's house to visit with him for a bit. Dave, Janet and Donnie (plus a couple of Donnie's friends) brought a great lunch of Buster's Barbecue over and we also met Grandpa's new friend Ellie. It was a nice visit and the kids had a lot of fun playing silly games with their Grampa. And Sawyer loved his Great Grandpa... he would just snuggle up on his lap and stare up at him. When we were saying our goodbye's, he gave him a great hug... and then another and another and another and he kept going back for more, laughing all the while. It was so sweet!

We then returned to Ryan's mom's to get Sawyer a much needed nap (that actually never happened, that little insomniac stinker) and to meet up with Jenn so Savannah could go swimming with her Aunt. They had a blast at the pool and even relaxed a bit in the hot tub. By the time they got home, Savannah was so wiped out she barely ate any dinner, got her jammies on and was asleep I think in record time!


So tomorrow's agenda is just hanging out with the gang here. Jenn and Greg are going to come over bright and early and we're hoping to all spend a good chunk of the morning out at a park or something fun outside. Then after lunch when Sawyer goes down for a nap and Greg has to get to work, I think Jenn and Debbie are going to take Savannah out to a movie. She'll love that! And I, of course, will be busy trying to get things cleaned up and organized and packed up for the trip back.
Oh, it will be so good to be home!!!

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