Sunday, January 07, 2007

Unexpected Snow

We had a little bit of snow today. Finally!
We were of course looking forward to some snow on the ground this winter and everybody in Michigan said that we were going to change our minds about that since it probably wasn't going to get above freezing between Thanksgiving and March. But that hasn't happened.
The snow today wasn't really much, but Savannah and I rushed out there to play in it a little bit since we didn't know how long it was going to "stick" around for. Heather said that it was like we were back in Portland and you knew that snow wouldn't stay around for more than an hour. So we went out to play and we ran around for awhile and then I pulled her on the sled and she even caught some snow on her tounge. Although she really didn't like that since she got snow on her face and in her eyes.
Right before we came in Savannah wanted me to teach her how to do a snow angel. I thought that she was being very brave since she didn't even like the snow on her face. So I told her how to do it, then I showed her how to do it. Then before I had her lay down to try I reminded her that she was wearing all her snow gear so that she wouldn't get wet at all and that it was going to be a lot of fun.
Here is the picture, you tell me if she is having lots of fun....


Anonymous said...

Savannah looks like she is in PAIN!"Make this stop." What a goof!Thanks for the pics!XOXOGrammaG

Annie said...

So fun! Just don't let the snow keep you from the airport next Saturday! :) I've been researching some fun kid things we can do while you're here - look at the new webisite for PB & Ellie's:
Look at the events section.
Also, even though Savannah's a little bit over 3.5, can she still come in the toddler class with Cade and Jack? Kevin and I are the teachers next week. Cade has been talking about your visit (or Savannah's visit I should say) non stop. Everything seems to relate to SJ's trip. Like today when Callum was having trouble going down for his nap Cade said, "Mom, Callum needs to get a good sleep since Savannah's coming over, huh?"

K.M. Laughlin said...

Savannah's face looks like mine when there is cold weather! ha! Glad you finally got a little to play with! Miss ya