Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're still here

First off, who all watches 24?
I thought all the hype about this being the best season premiere of 24 ever was just that... hype. But Oh. My. Gosh. That was good.
I was almost ready to take a break from that show... I was getting close to being tired of Jack Bauer the hero and the whole "how many bad days can one guy have" thing.
But the first four hours of Day Six have me hooked.
That show is cool.

So I don't really have much else to say. It's been a slow week so far.
I guess I could write about...
...the craziness that was this house with the three cousins in it.
...Sawyer waking up sick at one in the morning and throwing up every hour after that for the next seven hours.
...the surprise dump of snow we got that left us stranded up here on the hill in Damascus at Ryan's mom's house. Not that I'm complaining about being stuck here with my in-laws... if there was one place we should be stuck, I guess this would be it considering the kids haven't seen their grandparents since we moved. And there's nothing wrong with being here... it's nice to just hang out. It's just the other plans we've had to cancel and friends and family we're not able to see being stuck here on the other side of town that's kind of a bummer. I just hope there's no more snow coming down or freezing tonight and that I'll be able to get down to Annie's tomorrow.
And there's just something about being housebound that makes you so restless... so irritated that you can't go anywhere.

So there's really not much going on around here. Just hanging out with the family. Savannah got out in the snow a bit today, but it was kind of limited due to the fact that we didn't bring any snow gear with us.
Sawyer seems better. He at least was eating today. And kept everything down. He was still pretty lethargic though. Can't say that I hate that kind of sick. I mean, I feel for the poor guy, but it's kind of nice when all he wants to do is snuggle with me on the couch actually curled up in my arms. He pretty much spent the day either in my arms, reading books cuddled up with his froggy, or sleeping. No sign of the usual micheivious Sawman roaming the house looking for trouble. And such great naps! But I did miss his random squealing and laughing. I hope he's back to his old self soon.


Kasey said...

We are addicted to 24! This season is awesome, and only 3 weeks until LOST!...we finally go back to school today (Thurs) and I hope everyone over there is enjoying their time together and Sawyer starts feeling better soon! Miss ya!

Debbie Sanders said...

We were glad you guys got to be with us during the "snow storm!" It was so good to see all three of you and to see the 3 cousins together, but we of course missed Ryan. Andy and I were both glad to have you guys for the extra day, but now that you are gone I have no excuses not to I AM studying hard and will until you come back next weekend. Can't wait for it and I plan to take many more pictures than I did during the first visit. Tell Savannah I am still waiting for her to call me, so I can give her the Niko update! Have a great visit with your parents -- see you soon!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie