Monday, January 22, 2007


Savannah and Sydney... three and a half years old

We had a good afternoon visiting with the King family. Catching up with Ryan and Sunshine and all that they've been up to without us around. Not the least of which is a new baby brother for Sydney due to arrive this spring. So exciting!!! Savannah is probably almost excited as any of them now that her best friend will have a little brother just like her. She's pretty funny.

It was a little strange not having My Ryan there with us, as it's always been the four of us hanging out... the six of us with the girls. When Sawyer came along, he had been the odd man out- but now he'll have a little buddy soon too! Can't wait to meet little Pedro! HAHA!!!

Zoey was Sawyer's favorite friend of the evening. I can't wait to get a good dog for our kids to love!

*added afterthought* I was going through pictures and just thought I'd share...

here's the last time Sawyer had a visit
with Zoey-dog way back last April

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Nicole said...

Ok, I haven't read the entire post yet, but when I was reading "Its strange not having..... its always been the 6 of us" I thought you said:

"Its strange not having MR RYAN here" and I though... OMG she did NOT just call her own husband MR RYAN! HAHA. Then I re-read it. Gotcha.