Friday, January 05, 2007

one week till we're off! Portland that is!

Today's to-do's
  • take down Christmas tree
  • pack away Christmas decorations
  • laundry (when do I ever NOT have laundry on my list???)
  • pack away baby bottles ('cuz they've only been sitting in the cupboard unused for two whole months already... it's not like I don't need the room in my kitchen cupboards or anything...)
  • start organizing lists for our trip

Savannah really has just been cracking me up lately. Maybe it's just me, but it's getting harder and harder to keep a straight face during conversations with her. And it's not even always funny ha-ha kind of stuff... it's sometimes just funny how a three-year-old's mind works.
Here is a conversation from this morning:

I came into the toyroom to play with her, sat down on the floor and immediately she brought a book over.
"Will you read this to me, Mom?"

"I came in here cuz I thought we could play for awhile before Sawyer gets up. Don't you want to play something?"

"Well, reading IS playing Mom."
(like, duh!)

So we read, and when we were done she moved on to her kitchen:
"What do you want me to make you to eat? Do you want a sandwich or some toast?"

"I'd like some chocolate cake please."

"Mo-om, cake is not for eating. Cake is for after eating."

"Oh, sorry."

"Now would you like a sandwich or some toast."

"I would like some French Toast please."

"Um... I can't french my toast. I don't think I have any frenchies. I can't make you french toast without frenchies today Mom. Would you like a sandwich?"

p.s. Happy 30th Birthday to Ryan King!!!
Wish we were there with you to celebrate!


Mom,Gramma G said...

I like the way she(Savannah) thinks.Makes perfect sense.

Mom said...

And Heather, I personaly think you should start eating a little healthier.Less carbs more veggies. AND they are easy for Savannah to cook.:)

Heidi said...

I love the Savannah quotes. I feel like we aren't missing so much of her growing up!
So what are "frenchies" exactly? I've never seen them at the grocery store. :)