Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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These are a couple of my "resolutions" for the new year.

Along those lines I also would like to
  • learn a bit of real recreational "photography" (probably somewhat limited to whether we can get a new camera or not)
  • take more pictures and do more journaling for the "everyday" stuff of life. I really want to capture and put into words my children's personalities and the funny stuff they do in this brief moment called childhood... not just the big events and occasions such as holidays, "firsts" and things of that nature.

As for real tangible new year's resolutions, I've narrowed it down to
  • getting our Anniversary Memories book up to date before our next Anniversary
  • finishing Sawyer's first year scrapbook
  • finish both kids birthday scrapbooks
  • have my house mostly cleaned and picked up (should I start with not trashed and ease my way up?) EACH DAY when Ryan comes home from work
  • keeping in better touch with distant friends and family. I am not a phone person, I'm horrible and returning phone calls, and it's easy for me to let this blog do my talking and just do a little email here and there (which is so much more convenient for me with the kids running around and the time difference between here and the west coast...). But I need to remember that's not how everyone works and I need to make more of an effort.
This is the first year I've made any sort of resolutions at all for years. I'm just not the sit down and spell out your goals type. I just keep things rolling around in my head. But this year I want to be very intentional on some things like these, so I thought I would actually take the time to write them down. We have others like some spiritual goals and family goals and some obvious ones like find a church family and get involved in a small group... (yeah, I know it's about time. But believe me it's not due to a lack of trying on our part!! um... how many churches have we been to in this city?)
I think it's always neat to sit back and take a minute in prayer and reflection of the past year and where we've been and how far we've come (or not come in some instances) and what should or could be in store for the year ahead.

Okay, I'm off to snuggle on the comfy couch downstairs with my husband and watch a movie.
Good night!


Ryan said...

My New Year's Resolutions:
1. To go to more casinos (I am going with a group of guys on the 19th of Jan, so that will talk care of that)
2. Drink more milk (when mixed with vodka and kahlua...mmmmmm)
3. And I swear that I will blog more this year.
So this year I am going to gamble, drink and swear (to blog) more.

Anonymous said...

So we should all strive to make resolutions that we KNOW are atainable, like Ryans!? Let's see...

Annie said...

Well, Heather, if anyone could fulfill that lofty list it would be you. :) And all while keeping a separate blog. You are really good and plugging away and seeing projects to completion. I only wish we were closer in proximity so I could scrapbook with you and get more done. I have SO much to catch up. It feels overwhelming. Anyway, Happy New Years! And Ryan, isn't there some "rule" about not having the SAME goals year after year? :)