Saturday, January 27, 2007

On Friday

we had our super-crazy busy day.
In the AM, we jumped into the car early to drive down to Wilsonville and meet the Nelsons at one of our all-time favorite kid spots, Toney Baloney's. We tried to get there early to beat the crowd, but there were already a MOPs group and another play group there meeting for the morning. That place is so popular... I can't believe they haven't opened more of them around the area by now.

Anyway, we met Rita and Ben and Julia there and it was so good to get the short chance to visit with them. I can't believe how big Julia has gotten and how tall Ben is! Savannah was so excited to go to the coffeehouse and to play with Ben there, that I think she even forgot we had to miss swim night with him last week.

Here are just a couple of shots of the kids sitting down for a quick snacktime.

And on a little bench out front of Toney Baloney's... with the
bright sun in their eyes, so they all covered them up.
After that place got too crazy full, we got out of there and took a walk around the block and then said our good byes.

We headed back to my mom's for a quick naptime, and then Savannah and I went to pick Sydney up from her preschool so the girls could play for the afternoon.
Again, it is amazing what a difference 8 months makes. Savannah and Sydney have always gotten along well, but now they're like big girls just playing together doing their own thing... I didn't even hear a peep out of them, they just went back to the play room and we didn't see them again until dinnertime. They played babies and colored and danced and they just had such a good time together. It's so fun to watch them grow up together!

Sydney was so proud to show off her new shirt! Savannah got it for her since she's going to be a big sister soon, and now they match! They both thought it was pretty cool they were "twins"!

More silly smiles!!!

And dancing away!

That evening, Heidi and Gabe and Trish and Darron came over for dinner and games. We played a few rounds of Fluxx, which just might be my new favorite.
The most entertaining part of the evening was when Gabe decided to teach Savannah how to "wheelbarrow". It was hilarious. Heidi and Gabe even got down and showed her how to do it. Gabe was the wheelbarrow. Savannah thought that was pretty funny!
Well, I don't know how long it took... she tried over and over and over again (most of the time she just colapsed because she was laughing so hard), but she finally got it! And she was quite proud of herself. Thanks Uncle Gabe!

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Nicole said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time! I wish we had more places around here for kid-get-togethers! I can't wait for you to come back home (haha... sounds funny... like MI is your home... when you lived THERE for so much longer LOL). I can't wait to hang out and gossip this week!

Good luck on your trip back...