Saturday, January 27, 2007

On Wednesday and Thursday

We were hoping to reschedule some time with the Nelson family that we missed because of the snow and Sawyer's flu, but it didn't work out for Wednesday.

So we just had another laid-back day hanging out at the house.

In the afternoon the kids and I headed down to Tualatin and went to one of our favorite parks before going over to Annie's for dinner. I made her break her New Year's resolution of no fast food and take me to Burgerville for dinner. It was always our favorite and I was having withdrawls seeing the Burgervilles around town and not having had any for the past 8 months! I even splurged and had one of their awesome milkshakes. (Burgerville is a chain only in the northwest and all their food is made with fresh, seasonal and natural northwest ingredients.) Yummy!!!

We put the kids to bed, and Annie had some girls (just us, Julie, Sarah and Michelle) get together that evening to do some scrapbooking and we had fun just catching up.

The kids and I spent the night since Thursday morning was Mom's group and we would have been back over there anywhere. So we enjoyed a little Mom's group that morning and afterward Lindsie came over to visit just for a bit one more time before we left again, and we just hung out all day (eating way too many donuts) and enjoyed girl time together.

Cade and Savannah had a great (and rather long) day playing together. I just can't get over how well they get along now. They were even playing with the littler boys a bit (although Sawyer was still mostly shunned from the "big kids" play). But when the little ones would wander into Cade's bedroom, Savannah and Cade would jump up on Cade's loft bed and start being silly saying, "the bed monsters are coming! the bed monsters are coming!" The two of them referred to Callum and Sawyer as bed monsters for the whole two days. It was pretty cute.

Do these two look like bed monsters to you???

Then later Thursday evening after saying goodbye to Annie and the boys, we ran over to Ryan's dad's house for a visit. Savannah and Sawyer made themselves right at home with the couple of toys they have around and even though they were so tired, we stayed just long enough for a quick dinner and spent a nice time chatting with Grampa Dave and Janet and Uncle Donnie.

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