Monday, January 22, 2007

A visit to Jaguar Mountain

Today was our one last lazy day I think. Every other day left of this last week of our trip we are BOOKED almost from morning till night. Or overnight in some cases.

We had couple of errands to run today, so we headed out and stopped by Washington Square and played on the indoor "playground" there. Savannah has loved that place since she could crawl and talks about it all the time even when we're in Michigan. She calls it Jaguar Mountain (taken from the show Go, Diego, Go!) in reference to the Mt Hood replica there. She was so proud of herself when we finally came to the day where she could bravely climb to the top by herself, so it's very fitting considering that in the Diego cartoon, Baby Jaguar tried and tried and eventually climbed to the top of Jaguar Mountain himself. Pretty good connection for a then two year old!

Anyway, the kids had so much fun running around and climbing on the soft toys. Sawyer had never been big enough to play there before we moved, and he had a ball! I so wish we had someplace close to us at home to hang out like that...

Here are a few shots of the kids in action. You can click on them to see a larger picture.

And here's one more from later on today that made me smile...
Sawyer woke up from nap today with a huge blow out diaper and was pretty much covered from his shoulder blades to his toes (that's not the part that made me smile). After I got him stripped and wiped down, he made a run for it...

and I found him doing a little vacuuming in the buff.
Isn't it funny how much joy little ones get out of the freedom from clothing and diapers?! It always makes me laugh how happy that little guy is when he's naked!

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