Friday, January 19, 2007

Catch-Up Photos

Not that we've been up to anything too awfully exciting the first week of our trip (or probably much of the whole trip...) I thought I would get a few pictures on here for y'all. Sadly, I've been super lazy about posting anything these last few days, and even lazier with my camera. I'm really going to try and be better about that. I NEED to be better for Ryan, since he's not here.
Holly, Debbie and Annie, please be sure and get me copies of all of yours from this first week! I'm counting on you.

My kids on the plane (seeming so well behaved... HA! Don't let them fool you. This was simply the only moment I had to take the camera out.)

Aunt Holly and Savannah

Grandpa Andy,
Aunt Jenn,
Gramma Debbie,
Sawyer, Savannah and Taegen

Cousins in the tub...

And the cousins in their matching jammies (and none of them were bought together or on purpose, isn't that funny?)

And here's the sick Sawman.
He just spent most of the day hanging out here on the couch or on a lap, just laying low. It was sure nice to have so many cuddles from him though.

Here's the snow that was outside for the first half of this week. I know, it might not look like much, especially to you in the midwest who are used to real snow. But here, this much is so rare that it paralyzes the city. They don't treat the roads here with any de-icer or use any salt. And in the whole metro area there are probably only four snowplows. So the roads are covered and icy and just a mess. Accidents everywhere and snow chains required, and it's much safer just to stay off the roads. And wait for it to go away. Which it has, by today.

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