Thursday, January 04, 2007

SJ is back

Okay, time for some quotes.

First, I wanted to share a quote from the movie we watched the other night, The Last Kiss. It's not like a famous movie quote or a funny quip, or anything like that... it's just something that really stood out to me and I loved what it was saying.

"I do love her."

"Stop talking about love… every asshole in the world says he loves somebody."

"But it’s true-"

"It means nothing! What you feel only matters to you.
It’s what you do; how you treat the people you say you love; that’s what matters."

And now for the first SJ quotes of 2007...

noticing it was a cloudy night and she couldn't see any stars out, only the moon, she told me
"It's just a mooney night out tonight, Mom."

she didn't finish all of her oatmeal for breakfast and I told her she was going to be hungry later.
her reply:
"I'm okay Mom. I will just have a snack this afternoon at 3, after 2."

and for some reason she's taken to calling her little brother "my little yeti"
please tell me where that came from ?!? (anyone who doesn't know; a yeti is like a bigfoot, sasquatch, abomidable snow man, etc.)

Also thought I'd throw in a few other funny things from SJ's vocab.
We've realized that Savannah uses a few new homophones (including some that don't really exist):
  • She thinks Tuesday is two's-day. You know how she sometimes uses sign language with her words while she's talking? She quite often holds up the umber 2 while saying "I go to school on Tuesdays".
  • She adimantly tells us that even though we may not have shoes or socks on, people can't have bear feet (barefeet).
  • I know there are a couple more of these that I'm blanking on...
And she often forgets how to pronounce certain words, usually new words that she hasn't heard much. She'll say three or four (or five) different versions of the word before we have to offer up the correct pronunciation for her. If she's hesitantly saying....
  • spart... spurt... spat... What she's really trying to think of is Sprite.
  • mash... marm... mushmeal... mushroom... What she's really trying to think of is marshmallow.
  • orby... orangement... orgament... What she's really trying to think of is ornament.

Okay, I've gotta get off the computer and get busy today. I need to start packing away the Christmas decorations. Savannah just asked me yesterday if we were keeping our Christmas tree forever. I guess that means it's time to take it down.
I'm not really looking forward to putting away the decorations. Our house is going to look so bare (and I mean bare, not bear)! We've never really got up much regular decor in our house, at least the living room and dining room, since moving in. Because we didn't get around to painting till this fall (and the dining room not until last week!) we haven't really decorated the rooms yet. And then the holiday decorations came out, so it looked normal and lived in. Now it's going to look so bare because we're used to things being on the mantle and the walls and things. Wish I had the budget for a little interior decorating!

And I really, really don't want to get out of my pajamas today, but I have got to go to the store and grab a couple of things. We are comletely out of Kleenex around here and all three of us still have yucky noses. We're going to run out of toilet paper too if I don't buy more Kleenex soon. I think it's supposed to be warm(er) and sunny again today so we should probably try to spend some time outside at some point. Maybe we'll actually go to the park. We'll see exactly how motivated I am today...


Debbie Sanders said...

I like that last sentence also. It reminds me of what my mother always said to me and I will never forget it: "actions speak louder than words." I don't know if that is a famous quote from someone, but she always said it while we were growing up and it stuck! It is very, very true b/c you can "say" anything, but what you actually do (and hopefully those around will interpret it correctly as an act out of love, etc. and see the beauty of it & its meaning) speaks volumes and makes much more of an impact....or should, at least! Love the SJ quotes! Can't wait to hear them in person from Savannah! Looking forward to seeing you three soon! We are still having lots of great fun with will be great to see the three of them together!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Nicole said...

OMG when I first scanned your post, I thought that the "I do love her" blabh blah "every asshole" blah blah was an SJ QUOTE HAHAHA! I thought OMG OMG Savannah swore??!?!?!

Too cute.... its great that you're documenting these little sayings.

Mom,Gramma G said...

Savannah's quotes are cute,just like she is. I especially like"Mooney". You guys need to get over those colds!!!! So as you take down the X-mas deco's from your mantle piano etc., just replace them with a picture or photo,or a candle arrangementthen it wont be such a shock.But I dont think you should replace the tree. Although I did. I finally went out and got a silk ficus tree from Michaels.I think I like it.xoxoxo