Saturday, January 13, 2007

We made it!

And I believe everyone on the plane deboarded with their sanity and eardrums both intact.
Well, my sanity may be questionable, but we won't talk about that.
The kids did pretty well. Actually, Savannah did awesome. Sawyer is another story. But, I guess considering he is a very active 14 month old boy, I guess he wasn't too awfully bad. I am wiped out though. Wiped. Out.

Here are a few exerpts from the trip:
Our first plane arrived at O'Hare 20 minutes late... and we only had 50 miutes between our connecting flight to begin with. So we pretty much ran from one terminal to the other, spent what seemed like an eternity waiting for elevators (up from the gate, down to the pedestrian tunnel to get to the other terminal, up from the tunnel) and we were the second to the last on the plane.
So we got through that plane ride and go to get our bags, and it turns out that our bags didn't make it to Portland. Make that our bags AND our two carseats. And they were out of loner carseats at the airport.
We had arrived in Portland at 12:15. They located my luggage and said it was on it's way and would be there at 2:30. Did I want to wait or have it delivered to us? Well, did I have a choice without any carseats? So we waited, had some lunch, let the kids run around (they were already exhausted... by that point Sawyer had been up for almost 12 hours with only a 40 minute nap on the plane) and waited some more. Finally at about 3:30 we were on our way out of there. Only three hours after we should have been. Sawyer was so tired he could hardly walk.

So we're at my mom's tonight. We were going to be starting out at Ryan's mom's but they've all been sick all week so we had a slight change of plans. We're headed over there tomorrow though because they were all so much better today. Holly had to change her ticket back to Guam to later this week since Taegen was still throwing up yesterday. I'm so glad we get to see them still. And for more than just one afternoon like was the original plan. It'll be so fun to see Taegen and Sawyer together now that they can actually run around and play together. So we'll see them tomorrow and then they leave on Tuesday.

All right... I need to stop babbling cuz I really need to go to bed. There's a good chance my kids could be wanting to get up at 4 in the morning (that would be their usual 7:00 wake up time at home). I hope we all sleep good tonight...


Mom,Gramma G said...

We are glad to have you here safe and sound. The airport stay WAS a little long,but we had fun! Sawyer & Savannah will have a great time with Taegen.I'm sure they will look really cute playing together.Everybody stay well now!! XOX

Nicole said...

Yay! I'm so glad your trip wasn't too horrible. That sucks though that your bags and seats got delayed.. bummer! Keep us updated on your trip... Porter and I are going to miss you guys!