Friday, January 19, 2007


By the way, I think Blogger is having some issues, because that last post is all scrambled up. It won't let me move anything around. So, I'm sorry if it's hard to follow the pictures and the captions, I'll see if it'll let me work on it later.


We spent the day at the Schilperoorts yesterday and that was so nice. Just like old times. Except their house looks totally different... they've spent the last couple of months remodeling -and it looks awesome guys!
Savannah and Cade had a blast playing together. It was so fun to watch them together. When we left last spring Savannah had just turned three and Cade had just turned two (they are one year and four days apart) -and he had just been introduced to a new baby brother- and so he and Savannah weren't always having so much fun playing together. Savannah was at the stage of really playing together and I think Cade was still more playing along side each other. And the year gap in their language was a big difference at that point. So it was cool to see them playing together now and getting along so well and being so imaginative and cooperative. They had a great day.
Annie hosts a mom's group at her house each week and it was fun to be able to be there for that. I got to meet some of her newer friends from the church; it was fun to get to know Kristen and Bethany and their little ones. Noelani was there with adorable Melia, Mauria was there with her new baby boy Rowen, and of course Steph with Jack and Julia. So good to see all the girls again!
After all the other moms made their way home, Annie and I just had a really nice afternoon hanging out and catching up. Then later on her sister Katie came over and Julie showed up and Katie had a regular little hair salon set up in Annie's kitchen for Julie and I. Katie is awesome! I'm sorry I didn't take more advantage of that connection to a great hairdresser before we moved. I'm going to have to time my visits home with when I need a haircut just so I can have her do it.
Isn't it a great feeling- getting a good haircut?!

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