Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Dinner Party

I printed out a menu for everyone with all the foods and their meanings, but I don' know how to scan it and get the image onto the laptop upstairs, so I'll try to get that on here later. Here was my original list.

We had a great time. Great food, great friends (we missed everyone who couldn't be there!); great time! We ate till we were more than stuffed and then played games and chatted the evening away.

Here are a couple more quick shots... I didn't take nearly enough pictures and I'm kicking myself for it. I just get so busy talking or playing games (or eating) that I don't get the camera out.
That's gonna have to be my New Year's resolution... more pictures of the gatherings we have with friends!

here's Donny playing with the camera remote

and the little boys lounging around

Hope you had a great Celebration this year!


Mom said...

The party looked like it was a huge success. Our little one pales in comparison.XOXO

Angelique said...

I was reading Nicoles post about the dinner- all the symbolism and fun stuff! You are so creative and talented! I dont want to even admit now what we had for dinner on New Years Day- it looked pretty but the symbolism was not so great. LOL! But we did have shrimp on new years eve! :O)

What a fun time you all must have had! :O)