Thursday, January 04, 2007

Did you know I have a stamp?

Savannah's been all about her babies lately. She's been spending everyday playing with her new Cabbage Patch Kids (who knew when they were the must haves that Christmas almost 25 years ago
*25 years ago!!!* that they'd still be around and all over the place now for my kids?!). Just now today, she noticed that the bigger Kid is wearing "panties" and that she can take them off. And then when she pulled them down she saw the famous signature on her bum. I watched her look at it for a minute, apparently trying to figure out why the heck there would be writing on a babies bottom. Then she turns to me, shows me her bare baby and says, "Look, Mommy, my baby has a stamp just like you do!"
(let me just mention my "stamp" is not on my bum just like hers... it's on my lower back)

This kid makes me laugh every day.


Mom said...

A stamp huh? If you have a stamp Heather,you must have come from a cabbage patch too!XOXOX

Angelique said...

LOL! I love that!