Saturday, January 27, 2007

On Tuesday

We were going to spend the day with Sydney again, but she had a fever so we had to reschedule.

So we met Grampa at lunchtime at the pet store instead.
Grampa and Gramma decided they needed a couple more pets around their house, so Savannah got to help them pick out new birds and a new blue fish.

It was a fun little outing... Sawyer always loves a petstore!
We all spent a long time looking at all the animals and brought Tweety Bird, Sweetie Bird and Azul the fish, to their new home.

We got a lot more great pictures at the petstore (we were at PetSmart, so there were dogs walking around all over the place "shopping" with their owners, plus the doggie daycare center- Sawyer was in heaven with all those dogs that would stop to greet him!), but I have yet to retrieve them from my mom's camera.

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