Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Work in progress

Here's a taste of what our living room looks like right now. Fresh paint on the walls, all the furniture shoved to the middle of the room, and I just finally pulled the last of the masking tape off. The red wall is done, we just need one more quick coat with the roller tonight for all the taupe, some final touch-ups, and we'll be finished!
The only thing wrong with finally having the walls done is that now it makes me want to have everything done and decorated and in place. Which is a problem, because we are still missing some pieces of furniture, and frames for a couple of prints I have, and a vase for some floral stuff, and I could probably go on and on. It's so hard for me to pace myself and do just a little at a time. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a pile of money to go out and get it all now and have it done! And to paint and decorate the dining room and the kitchen remodel too, while we're at it?! I thought I would be fine waiting till next year to redo the kitchen, but I can tell having a nice put-together living room and then, when we paint the dining room next and I refinish the table in there, it's going to make the kitchen look just that much worse. Oh well... slowly but surely, right?


Debbie Sanders said...

Heather, the colors look great! I was wondering if we were going to see pictures of what the colors would look like once they were on the walls. I like them......It is always nice to have newly painted rooms. Now, for the fun part of putting the room together and decorating it! Can't wait to see it when we finally come to visit.
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Mom said...

Devine Ginger huh...just a taste of it...you sound like Savannah and her colors...smell them, taste them...what if we want more??? It does look nice though,what's the name of the brownish paint? Everything is in the name you know.Like...Woodrow Wilson Putty HA HA Have a GREAT WEEK with Jen.XOXOX Your mom