Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kate and Jonathon

I've often meant to post this link. It's a blog I found and I read regularly. I've meant to post this link before because I truly admire this woman and her teenage son. Their life is an example of hope and faith and strength I can only hope that I have a fraction of. I've meant to post this link before because if you're ever in the mood for a good cry, look no further than her page. I've meant to post this link before because if you need encouragement, that's a good place to start. I've meant to post this link before because if you need a reality check -if you need to be reminded to appreciate the blessings in your life, just take a minute to read what they have to say.
This is a mother and son who started this page recently as a continuing journey of their life and healing after their husband/father died of a sudden heart attack seven years ago. The day of his funeral, they also lost a baby girl. They lived through one of my very worst nightmares. And
their writing just blows me away. Just read it.
I had to link you to it today after reading what she wrote.
Today she posted "Where was God on 9/11?".
Once again... made me cry. Here it is directly copied from her page...

Today I heard the question "where was God on 9/11?"

I know where my God was on 9/11. God was in the presence of his people on earth.

God was present in the passengers of Flight 93, giving them the strength to overcome the hijackers.

God was present in the President quoting Psalm 23.

God was present in the bagpiper piping "Amazing Grace".

God was present in the sanitation workers stopping by their makeshift chapel.

God was present in the chaplains comforting the grieving loved ones.

God was present in the third-graders from the state of Washington who sent homemade cookies to the workers at Ground Zero.

God was present in the couple from Michigan who drove to Home Depot, bought $700 worth of shovels, and hand-delivered them to New York.

God was present in the fire fighters from Chicago who jumped in a car, headed east and got picked up going 108 M.P.H. in Indiana.

God was present in the Indiana state trooper who listened to their explanation and responded "Well, let's try to keep it under 90" and gave them a flashing-light escort to the border.

He was present in the many acts of bravery, charity, and selflessness performed on that sad day and the ones that followed.

And when the World Trade Center and Pentagon building and 4 commercial airliners went down, my God picked up 2996 of His children and carried them home for all eternity.

And He wept.

My God was everywhere.

Although 9/11 may be without a doubt the worst thing we may ever see, we can see God's presence on 9/11 if we just look for it.


Thank you Kate.


Kasey said...

That is awesome heather. THank you for finding that and makes you thankful for what you have and who you meet in this world. everyone is united...

Mom said...

Thank You Heather.You are loved and missed....

Leslie Collins said...

Heather, Thank you for posting this. It was very touching.