Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ups and Downs

I’ve kind of been in a bad mood the last couple of days. I don’t really know why, kind of a combination of a few things I guess, including not really feeling well. I think I’m trying to stay ahead of a cold or something. Yesterday my throat was killing me and I felt kind of achy and yucky. I felt a lot better today, just tired.

Yesterday I was just in this funk. The kids were whiney and fighting with each other and I just felt like crap. Ryan even tried to cheer me up by transferring my “paycheck” to our checking account a few days early and sent me out to Target last night for a little break. (which reminds me… lookie what I found here for all you fellow Target lovers. Notice the quote: ”This site is not associated with Target Corp. We love Target. Can’t get enough of it. Want to marry it.” Made me laugh… cuz it’s sad but true.) I picked up a few things… a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans for me, some shoes for Sawyer, some $3 pants for Savannah, and some Halloween candy for Ryan. I guess it cheered me up a little.
This reminds me of this one time a long time ago Savannah was playing with her Fisher Price little people… she was driving a family around in their car and they made their way to the "Target store" (that's what she used to call it) which was under our dining room table. Savannah ended up bumping her head pretty good and came out crying. I gave her a little hug and asked her if she was ready for lunchtime. She said no, still crying a little. I asked her if she wanted to go back to playing little people. She said no, still whimpering. I asked her what would make her feel better, and she answered, “I want you to take me to Target store.”
Pretty telling when a two year old asks to go to Target to make her feel better! Guess where mommy shops a lot?

Sawyer decided to spend close to two hours awake and fussing this morning between 2 and 4 AM. So he ended up sleeping in this morning and then took a nap from about 11 to 1:30… and decided that was the only nap he needed for the rest of the day. I tried to lay him down at about 4 PM, but no go. So needless to say, we had a very touchy baby on our hands all evening.

I need to get my butt in gear on a lot of things around here. I just can’t seem to get ahead of the game. I’ve actually been doing pretty well on keeping this place cleaned up and keeping up on the laundry and dishes and stuff. But it’s about time this place could use a good deep cleaning, and I have no desire to do that. I’ve got four packages I’ve been meaning to get together and get out in the mail for quite a while. Sorry Heidi and Holly; maybe Taegen’s will make her birthday on time. And believe it or not, we actually got Grandparent’s day (Sept. 10th) cards for all the grandparents, but do you think those ever got sent out? Maybe by next Grandparent’s day.

I just feel like being so out of it for a few days with my wisdom teeth ordeal, in the midst of having family in from out of town, and then scrambling for our camping trip, I lost some time in there and I’ve just never caught up.
I feel like I need someone to come in and get me reorganized, or give my house the once over, or take my kids for a day or two so I can do that. I just want life to slow down for a minute!!

I think I just basically have too much going on in my head. I'm trying to get organized at home, figure out when we're going to have a chance (or the money) to go back to Portland for a visit, trying to get a head start on at least planning out Christmas gifts, and in between our regular busy-ness try to work on some projects, crafts, and scrapbooking before I get even more ridiculously behind. And thinking about all that just makes me want to go to bed.

Two other up's...
~Gas prices, yay! Ryan paid 2.08 per gallon today. Three months ago it wasn't surprising to see it at 3.08!
~I finally made an appoinment for a haircut. Maybe that's just what I need;I'm sure a fresh new look will help my mood. As long as it doesn't turn out horrible! HAHA! Luckily, you can't get much worse than it is now!

There’s a recap of the first two seasons of Lost on tonight. To refresh before the Season Premiere next week. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen this season!
Well, I’m going to watch a little of this Lost stuff and get ready for bed. I’ve had a monster headache all day that won’t go away. I’m just hoping it’s gone by morning...

How many more days till the weekend???


nic said...

You have seemed quieter than usual lately... but inbetween my flitter-fluttering-hi-here's-the-baby-bye-see-ya-later- (oh my word I swear that word flitter fluttering is exactly how I feel running into your house and out to get to work LATE as usual HAHAH however, I would rather be a tad late and chit chat for 10, or 20 HAHA) I didn't think to ask if something was up! I hate being in funks. Eww. Hopefully your headache is better by tomorrow. If not, you can hit me up for one of my 120 Darvocets?? Oh, but you probably have vicodin left over from your teeth... thats muuuch better LOL.

Wow, I just re-read that and I have some MAJOR run-on sentences there... you can pretty much read how my brain thinks, huh?

One afternoon next week when I pick up Porter I could take Sawyer and Savannah to my house for a few hours- would that help you out at all?

Mom said...

Hey Now,You know I would take the kids if I could!!!If you DO try to think about planing ALL those things you will NEVER get rid of the headache! thing at a time.The house will always need cleaning.Just do the most important things,healthwise(bathrooms& kitchen).You spend time keeping in touch and quality time with your kids and friends, so lower your expectations some.Try and get a good nites rest and eat well.A little exercise and healthy eating go a long way in helping to chase away the blues.:)I should know;I have been the QUEEN of FUNK this summer. TOOO many changes that I hoped wouldn't happen. But you are loved and missed, so lets BOTH get motivated in the next month!!!XOXO

Leslie said...

Heather, I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I hope that your trip to Target helped a little. I liked the jeans that you bought. They are very stylish. Let me know if there is anything that i can do. Cheer up....the weekend is almost here.

Katie said...

I feel your pain, I think it's just the pressure of being a stay-at-home mom, a wife, a cook, a cleaner, and everyday life... We all have those days...

Don't forget to take some time to yourself, I know it's difficult without family around to pawn the kids off on, but remember you've got friends here...Just call me up and I'll bring Donnie over, we can hang out with SJ and Sawyer while you go do something for a few hours...or on a Sat. if you and Ryan just want some alone time..Don loves hanging out with little kids- they relate well to each other. Ha! Ha!

- I'm very serious, don't be afraid to call!!