Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to Yesterday...

We spent the afternoon at the Children's Museum in Grand Rapids. We found all the usual children's museum fun stuff to do...

lot's of bubble and water tables to play in, and of course, the giant bubble you can pull up around yourself.

And some funny mirrors...

We went for a fishing excursion....

(and had a hard time getting Sawyer to give up that fishing pole. He would have stayed there all day!!)

And the big highlight:
The Clifford Exibit.
Savannah was in love!
The whole second floor was Clifford oriented space with just about the whole Birdwell Island nieghborhood; the library, the post office, the beach, Emily Elizabeth's house, and all the characters from the books and tv show.

Finally, something that makes Sawyer look little!

Savannah got to drive the Birdwell Island Ferry

Sawyer dressed up like Clifford's friend T-bone

...and loved himself!

In Chloe's doghouse

Hangin' out with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth


GrammaG said...

What a fun place to play!!Lucky Jen:)Don't forget to put some more of these pics of the kids in your shutterfly album,so we can get some prints if want to.XOXO

Debbie Sanders said...

Wow! Clifford, what a fun place that looks like -- and it looks like you all had a great time. Heather, you sound so much like Ryan (and me also) trying to plan optimistically. Ask Ryan about when he got his wisdom teeth taken out the day or so before Thanksgiving -- he planned to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us, but the crazy thing is, he actually did eat! I know he sat at the table with us.....and I am pretty sure he ate a full plate, which is pretty unbelievable a day after oral surgery.
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie
PS Sawyer still looks adorable!(when Grandpa sees these pictures, when he gets back from AWANA, he will LOVE his hair!)