Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two Steps!!

That's what Sawyer did last night! He finally moved those stubborn little feet. He's been standing well on his own for what seems like a month now, and he will bend over, clap his hands, shake toys, throw fits, and do a variety of other things standing there perfectly fine, never losing his balance. He can even stand up all by himself from being on the floor in the middle of the room, not holding onto anything to help him up. But when we've tried to get him to take a step or two on his own, he wouldn't budge. He'll cruise along the furniture barely hanging on, and he loves to walk if you're holding his hands... even just holding one hand he's pretty steady. But despite all that steadiness, if you let go of him, he just stands there. He'll stand there and reach and reach and stretch and lean for you or your hand. And he won't move his feet until he has a hold of your hand. The past week or so, we've spent a little time each day trying to get him to go between Ryan and I. It's pretty funny. Anyway, last night he finally did it! Two little steps. And then guess what? He was so proud of himself and he was laughing so hard, he fell down. That kid cracks me up. He finds himself so amusing! Apparently he's re-learned how to clap. He started clapping his hands months ago, but just now he's seemed to have figured out how to do it "right" and actually make a clapping sound. So now he stands around all day laughing and clapping for himself. And he really thinks that's hilarious! Last night he was having his usual after-bath-meltdown with Ryan, not wanting to get his lotions and pajamas on, and I walked into his bedroom, saw him laying on the floor crying and struggling with Ryan, and I said "Yay Sawyer!!!" and clapped my hands. He stopped crying immediately and grinned his big toothy grin and clapped his hands. Crazy kid!!

So I've tentatively decided to start getting up earlier in the morning. For the past week or so, I've been waking up when Ryan gets up for work and not falling back to sleep. So instead of just laying in my cozy bed and thinking of all the stuff I should be doing, I'm going to try getting up when he leaves at 6am. We'll see how that goes. Today was kind of a practice. Meaning, I didn't really do anything, but at least I made it out of bed. And onto the couch with a blanket and the laptop. Something tells me that doesn't count as being productive. Well, I'll ease into it.
You know how you always hear about moms who get up like 45 minutes before their kids do, just to have some time to themselves, or get a head start on the day. I'm not talking about moms who have to get up early and get ready for work. I'm talking about moms who work later, or from home, or stay home and say that getting up early makes all the difference. Do you know anyone that actually does that? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I know anyone who does that. I think pretty much everyone I know tries to get every last minute of sleep they can. If they're up before the sun, it's because their baby or toddler is awake and ready for the day... not because they choose to be.
So maybe I'm crazy, but I'm gonna see how it goes. I just know I'm not motivated to do much in the evenings. I'd rather just hang out with Ryan watching a little tv or playing a game or reading, than doing dishes or cleaning the bathroom or doing some scrapbooking or crafts or a million other things I need to get done. I'm just lazy in the evenings. I'm actually pretty lazy most of the time, but we won't get into that...

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Mom said...

Yeah Sawyer!10 1/2 months and he takes his first steps. Not bad for a BOY! Did Savannah see him? You are very blessed to have such happy kids.XOXOX