Saturday, September 02, 2006


So the reason why we were out on the road in the first place is kind of a long story in itself.
We've been trying for months now to decide on a paint color for our living room. We've thought of going a couple of different directions with it, but we always come back to the color we had in our great room in our house when we first got married. So I've been trying to find that color here in town, but it is such a different color; not really a red, not a brown, not an orange, but kind of a mix of all of them without being any of them. I know that doesn't make any sense. Anyway, I have a swatch of that color and I was going to try and have someone match it but we really loved that color and the paint itself so much, I chickened out. I would have such high expectations for it, that I didn't want it to not be just right. Well, my perfect paint just so happened to be Devine Color, which is an amazing line of paint; colors, texture, and quality. It was created by a lady who lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Awesome stuff, I'm telling you. Too bad it's so expensive, or my whole house would be Devine! Anyway, we did our research and there are only three stores in all of Michigan that carry it. So we were debating about driving up to Flint to just get the paint we loved. And it just so happens we were also trying to find a good time to fit in a trip to Ikea, so I was trying to get those somehow to work together (they really don't... they're almost in totally different directions).
That's when Ryan pipes up and says "I'll take you up there if we can go to Chick-fil-A."
"I didn't know there was one in Flint," I say.
"There isn't. But it's over there somewhere."
So we come up with this brilliant plan to make a roadtrip of this big awkward loop to go to the paint store in Flint, Chick-fil-A in the Auburn Hills/Rochester area, and Ikea in Canton.
Then last night we were having second thoughts.
It seemed, of course, ridiculous to drive to Flint for a gallon of paint. But in the morning, Ryan still had chicken and CRS (carrot and raisin salad) on his mind. So we decided we would skip the paint trip, but still go over to Ikea and then head up to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
We got to Ikea (both our kids' first trips to my mecca) by the time it opened, grabbed a few miscellaneous items, including a new light fixture for Ryan's bar, and were out of there by noon. We then head up to find Ryan's mecca (which was to be the kid's and my first trip there as well) only to be robbed of our highly anticipated meal. *see previous post for more on that*
At that point, Ryan said we were already halfway to Flint, we may as well press on, go all the way and get the paint. I was feeling a little silly at that point, because we had come this far, hadn't even got most of the things we went to Ikea for, missed out on Chick-fil-A entirely, and now he wanted to keep going another who knows how many miles just to get one little gallon of paint. But on we went.
I'm happy to report we got the paint, Devine Ginger if you're interested (I wanted a half dozen other colors too, but at $35+ dollars a gallon **gulp**, I stuck with our one color), and had a nice drive home through Lansing. The kids both slept almost all the way back.

So that was our day. What can I say... we're not afraid to drive. We like it. Apparently it's not enough that Ryan commutes 50 miles each way to work everyday.

Ryan just read my last post. Here's his response.
"Well, you know what we're doing Monday, don't you?... Toledo, here we come!"
I'll give you three guesses as to where the next closest Chick-fil-A is...

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Mom said...

Hello , It is now Monday and I need to know,did Ryan get his Chick-fil-A??? As for the salad, there has got to be a way to find a copy cat recipe.Mom