Saturday, September 02, 2006

A few words from SJ

I realize I've been slacking on the SJ quotes lately.
Here's a funny little conversation we had on the road today.

SJ: dad, look at this picture I colored in the playroom (at Ikea)
Ryan: *looking in the rearview mirror* oooh, that's a nice one
SJ: no dad, you have to turn around and really look at it
Ryan: I can't right now, I'm driving. But I can see you did a good job!
SJ: when you stop at the next red light, you can look okay, daddy?
Me: it'll be a little while till we get to a red light because we're on the highway.
SJ: you don't see any red lights here?
Me: there aren't any red lights on highways.
SJ: because all the red lights and green lights are on the low-ways right? Dad, when we get to the low-ways you can stop at a red light and look at my picture.

and here are a couple more of her mis-sayings to add to her repetior...

She says:
  • junk beds instead of bunk beds
  • knock instead of lock . She was singing London Bridge the other day: "take the keys and knock her up, knock her up, knock her up..."

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Gramma G said...

Sanannah's mis-sayings and reasoning(s) are too cute. You may want to correct the London Bridge song though. She starts school in a week ,and we wouldn't want others to make fun of her. I still need some pictures to decorate MY fridge.You guys have MORE than you know what to do with!!! Send some our way!!