Monday, September 04, 2006

Just wanted to say

I do have a few things to blog about, but I'm going to bed early tonight, so it'll have to wait. I would say it'll have to wait for tomorrow, but there's no guarantee that I'll get around to it tomorrow either. Why is it that when you have plenty of things to blog about, you have no time to actually write anything?

I did have a little time this evening, but Ryan had to make up his missed Sunday post and it took him forever. So I spent the evening inhaling paint fumes from our newly painted living room (yay!!) and watching a special on TLC about that family with 16 kids (among those are two sets of twins and six boys under the age of six!). Can you even begin to imagine?!? Makes my head hurt. Or maybe that's just the paint fumes...

Anyway, I have lots of pics to post and I'm hoping to get a chance to fill you in on all our busy-ness soon. Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

p.s. you can take a look at Nicole's blog for a little sneak peek at our overnite adventure!

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nic said...

Isn't that family nuts? I saw their show when they had 14 with one on the way... I heard they were building a huge HUGE house. Its crazy. CRAZY. What the heck would you do with that many kids aaaaalllll day eeevvverrryy day. I love kids, but woah there's a limit for me!