Sunday, September 10, 2006


Otherwise titled "The Longest Post in History".

I know it's Sunday and it should be Ryan posting today. Well I have the time, and I'm not feeling sick at the moment, so I have got to do a little catching up on some of the fun stuff we did more than a week ago. Ryan, you can get to your blogging later.
So sit back, get comfortable, and we'll start with last Friday. WARNING: lots of pictures ahead! Sorry, I did my best to keep it to a minimum. ~remember you can click on any of the pictures to see it up close.

on (a week ago) Friday
Nicole and Porter took us over to Albion to a fun kid's place called Kids'n'stuff. It's like a little mini version of Portland's Childrens Museum. We had a great time.
Savannah spent most of her time "shopping" at the little grocery store. She loved it.

Sawyer, Porter, Nicole and I spent most of our time climbing around on the soft mats. Sawyer just thought it was hilarious when other kids would come over to that area and make and crawl through "tunnels" with the mats. He loves to watch older kids play and tries to keep up with them.

Here's a pic of all three kids in the "music room".

We all had fun, and when we got home Nicole and I hit a few resale shops and garage sales looking for kid's clothes. I got a few good buys -some pants and shirts for Sawyer this fall, but I passed up a great Christmas present for Sawyer that I'm kicking myself for now. Oh well.

Here are a few more pics from that same day... just silly stuff around our house.

on Saturday
Already posted about the road trip to nowhere...

on Sunday
Backyard Camping! Did you ever do that when you were little? Just throw the tent in the backyard and sleep outside? Well, we've been talking alot lately about how we can't believe we never made it out camping this summer. And especially with the long Labor Day weekend upon us, we were feeling a little badly that while we were plenty busy moving in and adjusting to life in Michigan, we never took a break got the kids out for a quick camping trip. So last minute (as in Sunday morning) we decided we were going to have our own little camping trip in our big backyard after Ryan's golf outing in the afternoon. We invited the Barczaks and the Huffs to come on over and grill up some hotdogs, cook some s'mores over the fire and sleep out under the stars. Well the Huffs opted out of the sleeping under the stars part ('why? we live two minutes away... we can go sleep in our beds!'), but we had a great time around the "campfire" eating and laughing together before they left. Ryan, Nicole and Porter toughed it out with us campers (they brought thier pop-up tent trailer and parked it in the driveway) and we had a great time. Savannah had a blast. She loves our big tent and was excited to stay up and see fireflies and have a fire and she had her very first S'more!

on Monday

-Woke up and said goobye to our fellow campers.
-Got the living room prepped and painted.

on Tuesday
-Fnished up the painting project.

on Wednesday
-Porter came over for his first morning of "daycare". He's such a fun little guy!
-Jenn and Greg arrived from Portland

on Thursday
-I made an emergency visit to the dentist
-Kids had a blast with their fun Aunt Jenn to entertain them.

on Friday
-Ryan took the day off work to hang out with his sister. They all visited a couple of parks around town.
-I spent most of the day in bed on pain meds for my wisom tooth
-The Barczaks came over to join us for game night.

on Saturday (yesterday)
We headed out to the Binder Park Zoo with our visitors. The kids always have so much fun at the zoo.

Sawyer especially loves those giraffes!! We let him feed them the crackers this time and he was hilarious. First it was challenging to keep him from eating it himself the moment he got the biscuit in his hand. Then when we got it within the reach of the giraffe and that big grey tongue finally wrapped around that cracker, Sawyer would not let go! It was a nice little tug-o'-war and when the giraffe finally pried it out of that little hand, Sawyer looked like he was going to cry. He kept looking at the giraffe and then at his empty hand and then at me like, "he took my cookie..."! Pretty cute.

There! I finally got all that down. I really can't afford to get behind on this stuff with the way I like to ramble on in my writings. Sorry it's so much stuff lumped together. I'll try to get more pictures into our shutterfly albums soon. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Mom said...

It's Grandparents Day, so of course I have to reply. Savannah looked like she had a great time shopping;(at the museum)what fun! I should send some pictures of our camping trip with Tricia and Darron, and Heidi and Gabe. Heidi made some REALLY good goeey(SP?)somores. I knew Savannah would love them. We had to use charcoal,fires were banned because of fire danger.(Who's fire pit?)The bit about the giraffe and biscuit just too cute.The little guy doesn't like to waste food. Much like his grandpa.Love the picture with the 2 kids on the animal statue. Was glad to see Lammie enjoying herself too. Pretty brave to be hanging on the fence like that though.That Lammie is a dare devil. She could teach Savannah a thing or two.Thanks for all the pics and updates. Love to all.XOXOXOX Mom, YOUR MOM and Gramma G