Sunday, September 24, 2006

Game Night

We had a fun night last night. We had a little game night and four other couples came over for food, drinks, and games. The men hung out at the bar and the pool table until we were taken away from the 7-layer dip and subjected to a version of the "newlywed game". The ladies picked out five questions and the men tried not to get in too much trouble by answering them too far off. Then the men picked out five questions and showed the women that it wasn't that easy. Everybody did good and I don't think that anyone ended up in the doghouse. Possibly the biggest miracle of the night was the TV was never turned on at all (even though Michigan State was leading Notre Dame), but there was quite a bit of fantasy football talk and some trade proposals. But nobody drank enough to accept any trades last night.

Here are some things that we learned last night:
  • Although it is not recommended, it is possible to keep the TV off when there is football on.
  • 7-layer dip has an additive component in it.
  • Some people use the word "Bu-coo" (meaning big) in everyday language
  • Women have way too many shoes
  • Yard work is considered housework
  • My milkshakes bring all the girls to the couch
  • Heather and I could not talk or talk forever
  • Katie is not a blonde
  • There is still some rivalry between high schools in Jackson, even though they graduated years ago
  • Don is delicate, fancy, and honest while I am just odd (according to Apples to Apples)


Nici-ola Barczaki said...

Hey hey hey now.... most of us only gradutated 5 years ago. Oh wait... no 6. We're young'uns (is that a word??). Not that that makes it any better. It really is irritating, huh?

I honestly could care less, but, well, yeah, we have to stick up for our own school if SOMEONE has to keep "bu-coo" knocking on our education. Public school is just as good as a paid-for education... hahaha!!! Ahem... Ahem... at least I can tell what BLONDE looks like HAHAHA. HuffD, we love ya bu-coo anyway.

And, Boys of Game Night... Yard work is "work in the yard," House work is "work in the house". However.... see, I'll be honest and say women (at least me) probably do very very little yard work, but if yard work weren't included in housework (like you men would like to think)... the mens share of housework percentage would go waaay down. Unless the wives nagged... and we all learned I'm the queen of nag, right?

I'm confused (and no, I'm not a blonde)... what do you mean "Heather and I could not talk or talk forever" That doesn't make sense. I probably missed something.

Wow, why don't I just become a guest blogger on your blog? I had enough to write, I guess! HAHA. Anyway, good post Ryan. Can't wait for the next game night!

nicole said...

OHH OH I forgot... I found that video I was talking about last night. It was at the end of Dodge Ball...

nicole said...

WAIT WAIT! It's me again.

I think I found a movie quote. "Talk or not talk forever" From Best in Show???

Katie ( the "sandy blonde") said...


Stop with all the bu-coo blogging already...Don't you have enough to do with your own blog??? Gosh, you're starting to irritate me!!- Oh,no!! I'm starting to get mean, I must have been around you too much this weekend...Ha!Ha!

Hey, don't knock a private school education, not everybody can be so lucky to be a Lumen Christi Titan...soooo sorry!!!

I love bashing Nici-ola!

For those of you who don't know us, we truly do like each other....sometimes that is (just joking, my little Barczaki!)

Okay, I just had a whole conversation with Nicole's comment section and haven't even said a word about the actual blog...I really am a " blonde" - "sandy blonde" that is.. anyway's nice blog Ryan and Heather.

Ryan said...

Nicole got it!
"Best in Show" is a great movie, right Huffs?

Jenn Sanders said...

Dang....I should have read your blog sooner! I actually knew that quote. Seeing as you supplied us with the movie on the way out of town! Greg and I watched it the day I got back :)With all the "bu-coo" blogs I'm disappointed none of the girls mentioned your amazing milkshakes...mmmmm definitely miss those! The kids look cute as always! And yes, so grown up! Savannah looks so prescious....she has a great big smile in the church photo and looks likes she's concentrating so much on the phone! And Sawyer with his new haircut and little jeans outfit standing on his own...hard to believe he's not even one quite yet! It was fun being able to come visit you guys, but now it makes me miss you even more seeing your photos and stories here! Love you all!!