Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sawyer's 2nd Haircut

And Ryan is not doing that again for a long time.
We went from this head of hair....
To this head of hardly any....

I told Ryan using the clippers on all of it was too short -that I wanted to cut the top with scissors. But no... he was sure he knew what he was doing. And he did fine. But he failed to forsee that hair cut that length looks alot different on an adult's full head of than on a head of thin baby hair. I almost cried.

Okay, so he's still pretty stinkin' cute.
But it's so short!!

And here are the remains...

In other news...
I'm going in to the oral surgeon tomorrow morning at 9:45. That'll be fun.
I'm hoping it won't be so bad. I've talked to a few other people who went to this oral surgeon and they said he's great and it was much better than they thought it would be. And since I'm only having two wisdom teeth taken out, and since one of they're not impacted, I'm thinking positively.
Ryan's taking the day off to take care of me, and then Jenn flies out tomorrow evening. It's been so nice to have her here with us. Savannah will miss her terribly though.
Then on Friday, we are supposed to go camping (real camping) with the Barczaks. We have plans to head over to Van Buren State Park on Lake Michigan, for two nights of camping. I say supposed to go with a big SUPPOSE because although I fully intend to go along if at all possible, who knows how I'll be feeling by the time we're supposed to shove off on Friday. I have faith I'll be up to it, but Ryan's not so sure. He thinks I'm crazy. We'll see.
So have a great weekend everyone, and we'll let you know how ours turns out :)


Mom said...

Grampa cut his hair again too,REALLY short(shaved).Sawyers cut is MUCH cuter,or maybe it's his toothy grin. Anyway,I'm glad that hair grows back!! The stuff in your tub looked really red though!!But most of us agree Sawyer looks YEARS older! We don't need that!XOXO

Holly Smith said...

I think you better stick to the bowl cut like in the good ole days! :)
Aunt Holly