Friday, September 08, 2006

Game Night

Well, we pulled off our first official game night this evening. All in attendance were Jenn and Greg (Ryan's sister and her boyfriend visiting from Portland) and Nicole and Ryan. Okay, so not the biggest turnout, but hey it's a start. Nicole and I decided we're going to get the ball rolling on having a regular game night get together. So tonight was our kick-off and we had a great time. We played this and this and had alot of laughs, a little monkey bread, and some crummy (I guess I should say crumbly in a good way) oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies. All in all, a successful night of gaming!

Savannah fell pretty hard today against the corner of the front of the couch. She'll probably wake up in the morning with a pretty good shiner. Her eyelid was already purple and she had a nice red line all the way down her cheek to her mouth where she also suffered a nice bloody cut on the inside of her cheek. Sometimes I think we should reconsider that "Life Helmet".

I thought I would get a chance to get caught up blogging about some of the stuff we did last weekend today. My mouth was really hurting me and Ryan took the day off to spend some extra time home with his sister, so I knew I could lay low and rest and thought I could get some typing in there somewhere. But I ended up feeling so sick to my stomach because of the painkillers, every time I even looked at the computer screen, I thought I was going to lose it. It just made my head and stomach spin more. So I spent most of the day sleeping that off. I felt much better this evening though, for the most part, and I was glad for the distraction of company and some laughs and games with our friends and family. And it was made even more enjoyable by the fact that Ryan didn't win every game!!

Ryan did take the kids and Jenn and Greg out for some frolicking in the park today, so at least they got out and had some fun. They had lunch and splashed in the lake at Vandercook. Hopefully we can get out and do some more fun stuff this weekend before Greg heads back to Portland on Sunday. Jenn's staying with us till Thursday. Savannah is in heaven with her Aunt Jenn her to play hide and seek with her all day!!!

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GrammaG said...

Hope Savannahs injuries are healing fast. Good thing she has lots of things(people and fun) to distract her.Maybe you could find a clear helmet that would go with everything???XOXOGrammaG