Tuesday, September 12, 2006

School Girl

I was on my way to bed, when I realized I should at least post a picture of Savannah's first day of preschool. I know the Grammas were waiting for it.
She was so excited to go! She was still a little unsure of being able to go to school before she's five (she knows you can't go to kindergarten till you're five and she thinks that's what she has to wait for), and then when she realized I wasn't going to stay with her she was a little hesitant, but she went right in just fine.
Sawyer and I drove home and he seemed a little confused as to where Savannah went. For now his am nap corresponds nicely with school, so he spent almost the whole time she was gone napping. I spent the whole two hours folding laundry and watching The Today Show and then Regis and Kelly. Do you know how long it's been since I've watched any morning television besides Blue's Clues or Dora? Ahhh... adult morning shows...
Savannah's teacher, Miss Kristy, said she did great and she talked alot with the other kids and made herself right at home. She sang a new song all afternoon, so I guess she had fun. I asked her what her favorite part of school was and she said "we had graham crackers for snack!!".
We did some other fun stuff today too I'll write about later, but I am going to bed now. It takes too long to upload photos and I've been trying, to no avail, to get to bed early all week. So I'm off. Here are a couple more shots from this morning.

"Mo-om... can you stop taking pictures so we can go now?"

And this one... I had to take a pic while Sawyer was eating his breakfast. Maybe it was the whole 'Savannah off to Preschool' thing, but he looked so grown up today. This just does not look like a 10-month-old to me. Couldn't he pass for like, almost 2 years??? click on any pics to see larger


Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!!They both are growing and changing fast it seems.Boy do I wish we could be there to watch.Rain is on the way here this week, so it will seem like fall. We've been spoiled with all the sun and warm weather.Hope you get your rest. You'll need it for Thursdays tooth(teeth)extraction!!Thanks a lot for the pics!! (but what IS Savannahs new song???)XOXO Gramma G and your mom

Mom said...

Oops I didn't mean to write anonymously:)

Heidi West said...

Tell Savannah that her Uncle Gabe's favorite time in preschool was snack time too!

Debbie Sanders said...

So...cute! Thanks for the update and the photos of Savannah's first day of school and Sawyer being such a big boy! It just makes me want to see them so much more -- I can't wait! =) They are too cute, especially together. And, tell Savannah I loved my snack time also and I can still remember the snack we got -- Ritz crackers, kept warm in their box up on the furnace!!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie