Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Binky Box and other stuff...

Sawyer has a Binky Box. We made up a Binky Box because we are forever losing this kid's binkies. Which amazes me because he really only uses them when he's in his bed or sometimes in the car. So how do they end up lost all over the house? Well one contributing factor is the fact that he likes to throw them. Sometimes, before I hear Sawyer talking or making anyother noises in his crib when he wakes in the morning, I know he's up because I hear the distinct sound of the plastic clatter of a binky hitting the hardwood floor in his bedroom. Or hitting the wall and then the floor. Or sliding down between the crib and the wall (that's one of his favorites!). His throwing habit is also one of the reasons we have such a collection of them; we need a supply on hand for if he wakes in the middle of the night and we can't find the bink he had without turning on the lights and combing the entire room! And when we get down to one or two left in the box, it's time for a binkie hunt. Saywer's good at hunting them down. Trouble is, he's also very good at carrying them from room to room and hiding them.
Anyway, back to the Binky Box. Like I said, we started keeping them in this box so we knew where to find one in the dark. Well, one of Sawyer's new fascinations is putting things into other things. You know; nesting cups, Savannah's play food into play bowls, toys into boxes (yes, he loves to help clean up now that he's figured this out. And Savannah is amazed..."mom, Sawyer's putting the toys away!!"). So I've been trying to start the habit of having Sawyer put his binky in his Binky Box when he gets up in the morning or after naps. He loves it! Maybe it's my imagination, but I think he's actually holding onto it until we come in just so he can put it in the box! I come in to get him out of bed and he's holding it tight. We usually go straight from the crib to the changing table for a diaper change and that's where the Binky Box is. He gets all smiley and laughing in the few steps over there and by the time we're there, he's already holding out the binky, reaching for the box.
Now the funnier part is, whenever he's laying on the changing table, he wants to put binkies in the box. He'll reach over and grab one out of the box, and then reach over and grab the box. But keep in mind, he's laying down. So if there are more binkies in the box, which there usually are, they fall out. So he tries to put his original one into the box, and it of course just slides right back out. So he tries another one. And another one. And another one. And you get the picture.
He gets quite frustrated with this silly box and doesn't understand why it won't cooperate with him. Till I'm done with his diaper and I sit him up and then he can successfully put all the binkies back where they belong! Then he's quite proud of himself. Funny little man!!

Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures from the camping weekend. I just love this one of Saywer (thanks Nicole!). Ryan says we should try and get him into modeling and make a little extra money. I laugh. As we speak, he's got a mammoth bruise (one of the ones that starts out not looking too bad and with each passing day seems to grow and grow all the while changing into lovlier and lovlier shades of blues, purples and greens) in a nice thick line from his cheekbone down below his jaw. Fireplace stone is hard, by the way.
He always manages to bang up his head and face. The rest of his body is perfect (if you overlook the red scaley eczema break-outs). Do you think anyone's in need of a chunky leg-roll model?

Here's one I got of Savannah on a little walk we took. An actual looking at the camera smiling picture... that's rare for her!!

and Savannah was so sweet wanting to help Sawyer walk on our walk. She's so proud of him!!

Okay, that's it for now. I promise I'm uploading all the pictures to Shutterfly tonight. Ryan's got soccer, so I'll get the kids to bed and head right for the computer and work on that while I watch the new shows on tonight. We watched this new one last week... it was pretty good. And tonight this is finally back on!! And I would love to get back into watching this, but it's just so late. I know I'm usually up anyway, but commiting myself to a show on that late is intimidating. I used to love that show, and then with pregnancies and new babies, I couldn't cut the late hours and I gave it up. But I think it's time to jump back in. Have any of you seen (you're right Nicole, now it's hard to ever make that word sound right!!) any of the new shows on this season? Which one's, old or new, do you think are worth watching? We don't have many regulars besides Lost and 24. Unfortunately Lost doesn't start for almost another month, and 24... well, January just seems so far away...


Mom said...

The Binky Box. That IS a new one.You DO come up with some creative ideas when it comes to your kids. I still love Savannahs' bedtime poster. Is it updated? Or will it stay the same in honor of the Salem house? Sawyer is such a sweetheart,takes after his sister I guess.Thanks for the pics. We will hold you to that shutterfly promise though. As for new shows,does my opinion count? Missed last nites 'Til Death. The reviews I read for it weren't good.Watched it the first week ,gave it a chance;really bad. Last week it was better.I will watch again.Saw Kidnapped.It has possibilities,but a lot of killing in the first episode,especially in the first few minutes.Taped Jericho,haven't watched it.I can't help it,I still watch Super Nanny(JO).I love kids and hate to see them suffer because of uninvolved,selfish parents.It also confirms what good parents you and Ryan are and how fortunate we are as grandparents.Which reminds me ,are you still getting up early?? XOXOX Also watched The Biggest Loser(some of us need some inspiration.) They are looking and acting a lot like survivor. Don't know if I can stomach that!:)

Jenn Sanders said...

Speaking of guys would be so proud! Greg and I are just completing the second season....that's right the DVDs I bought back in Michigan. I know, I know. We're sad, we have had some late nights, but its so good! We had to catch up before it starts in October, we're faster paced than we planned though :)