Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hand me the Kleenex please

Okay, I don't know why I watch ER. I've only watched it maybe a dozen times over the past year or so (that's including random reruns on the cable channels) and I think every single time I end up bawling. Okay, maybe not bawling, but definitely crying. A lot. Did anyone watch tonight? With Abby and Luca and their baby? Am I just totally PMS-ing, or was that all just completely heartbreaking?
I think that show makes me so emotional because no matter what's going on in that ER, it touches me and on some level it makes me so grateful and want to never take for granted my family and our health and well-being. Sheesh, is that cheesy or what? It's just a prime time drama... get a hold of yourself Heather!

So yeah, I've spent the last 45 minutes snivelling (sp? that doesn't look right) over the crises in the ol' ER. Now my head is pounding and my eyes are feeling nice and swollen and I can't go to bed just yet because I can't get my contacts out. They're really difficult to get out if I've been crying or something. I have to wait a bit for my eyes to dry out. Thus my pointless rambling...

I got about half my pictures uploaded and then our wireless connection decided to take a little time off or something, and by the time I was back on, I had lost all momentum. So hopefully I'll get the rest of that finished this weekend. Sorry Mom!

Let's see... what other random thoughts can I come up with?
~We have the furnace on for the first time tonight. Oooh, it was chilly today. Nice and sunny, but chilly!
~Tomorrow's Friday, yay!!!
~For those that have asked, No I haven't been getting up early still, but that's because Ryan's been getting up and leaving later than usual. He's just been leaving about 7 o'clock and that's when the kids get up anyway. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I'm gonna sign off and go check on the kids and get ready for bed.


Leslie said...

Hi Heather, I don't watch ER, but I understand what you mean about it being sad. I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan and there have been a few episodes where I have needed a whole box of kleenex.

I really like the pictures of Sawyer and Savannah when you were at Lake Michigan camping.

I am anxious for tomorrow evening. I am bringing a seven layer taco dip. I hope that is okay. Let me know if you think I should bring something different.

Mom said...

It's OK .Good things come to those who wait.(patiently)You Are loved and missed.